It’s official – Willmore Park will re-open very soon! The main gate will finally be open for car traffic for the general public. Parks Dept has begun issuing permits for the pavilions. We still do not know which date the barricade will be removed – sometime between now and July 4. You will just have to keep checking the entrance.

SWCDP will re-open on July 1, as planned, and you will receive the Covid 19 Safety Plan on Monday or Tuesday. Watch for that email with important guidelines for using Southwest City Dog Park. We will encourage members to be self-sufficient so start thinking about carrying personal size sanitation items and individual doggie drinking bowls.

Reminder to get your membership registration finalized before 7/1 if you wish to be one of the first to enjoy our new season.

Season Clean Up Crew Needed

Please send email to let us know if/when you can help.

NO DOGS for these work sessions.

We recently sprayed weed control in a few areas and don’t want our dogs on the grounds until 7/1. We also have a lot of work to do and need to stay focused with no canine distractions; the service gate will be open and trucks moving around on the grounds.

Saturday (6/27) – 8:00am to Noon 

Sunday (6/28) – 8:00am to Noon

If the barricade is still up – Judi will have the gate open at these times. If you arrive outside these time slots, park on Jamieson and walk in.

 8:00 to 8:15 (arrival only)

10:00 to 10:15 (arrivals and departures)

Noon to 12:15 (departure only)


Forecast includes a 40-60% chance of “scattered showers” – who knows what will happen! If it’s raining, of course, we will not work. If it truly “scattered” and you want to know if we are heading over there after a rain period – call the Hotline – Judi will leave a message if we decide to start later than 8am.

HOTLINE FOR WORK CREW UPDATES: 314/567-2012 – Ext #2

Your FOB will not be activated until July 1 so we need to organize the volunteer crew. We need one volunteer to sit at the front gate to sign in the volunteers mostly because we like to know who is helping us.

Bring your own gardening tools, stools, rakes, gloves, favorite scrubber, etc. SWCDP will provide bottled water and plenty of yard waste bags. We ask members to work in teams on some projects – with social distancing —- and work solo on other projects. Tasks to be determined per volunteer availability, etc. Use your own judgment regarding masks.

Sampling of Tasks to be done
  • Manage volunteer sign in at SWCDP front gate
  • Weed gardens (this is second round, not as thick as previous work session)
  • Distribute mulch to front gardens
  • Weed Entry and Gangway areas, maybe other areas
  • Wash benches and tables, other
  • Scrub both vertical storage bins – inside and outside (Main and Agility areas)
  • Take down winter shelter
  • Put up temp fence to reseed area in place of shelter
  • Rake up in certain trouble spots mostly in Agility and Main areas
  • Refill all bag holders

Folks, we really need help with this – it is too much for just a handful of volunteers – like to see some new faces, please. Will you pitch in so we can open our new season with a clean, fresh facility?


Turf is thicker and stronger than ever before. Looking on the bright side of a frustrating, long wait due to the pandemic conditions – the extra month has been a positive for the turf. We have some trouble spots that we will address. We are still waiting to see if Forestry can take down the cottonwood before we re-open. We are on their schedule but no date has been set. We also submitted a soil sample to MU Extension prior to any turf work and plan to discuss results with an agricultural specialist for additional advice. Still waiting on soil analysis, including a salt test due to high urine concentration at dog park.

We distributed the first round of Thrive (Milorganite) this week to begin our process of developing healthy soil. We still have a massive amount of weeds blended in with the new grass. This is because our turf renovation approach in April was from our old way of doing things. The first weed/feed application was applied a couple weeks ago and it is only minimally effective – weed control will be a slow, ongoing process. And, we did some additional spot checks with herbicide recently for poison ivy and trouble areas. All in all – considering every challenge or set back —- we think you will be happy with how things look on July 1.