Bad Weather Days Are a Bummer

Southwest City Dog Park Rain and Snow Days SWCDP member FOBs are de-activated during closed periods and re-activated during open periods Many years ago, SWCDP launched our inclement weather dog park closing policy – however we did not use it with any frequency or consistency. Admittedly, we were a bit timid with our closing decisions. …

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Nov 24

Winterizing Dog Park

Are you ready for winter? It is coming . . . SWCDP is in the process of winterizing our dog park. Please read on so that you will understand how the changes will affect your dog park visits and how you can help. WATER Effective November 10 – irrigation system and Water Stations 2, 3, …

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Nov 12

We Are Open – Let’s Go To Dog Park

Can you hear the rumble? The ground and trees shaking? The clickety clack of paws and feet? That would be SWCDP members rushing to their dog park. We are all so excited to be back. And as an extra “good thing” – Mother Nature topped off our Re-Opening days with wonderful warm and sunny weather. …

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Nov 4