Intro for Agility Sign-up
  • Things to know when registering your dog for Agility Demo
  • Select as many times slots/dates as workable for you – you will be assigned one specific slot once the master schedule is finalized
  • Give us as much wiggle room as possible – we make our best efforts to give members their preferred slot
  • You will receive confirmation email a couple days prior to the event
  • With confirmation, you will receive instructions and learn what to expect prior to and during your session.
  • Bring your “bait” of choice. Choose the treat considered a high value treat….don’t bring something your dog can get any time – choose something that makes your dog over- the-top happy? For some dogs it is not even food – it could be a ball or special toy, or even a especially big hug.
  • If another in household will be doing agility with your dog – do your best to bring that person, too (sign up)
  • Each dog must have its own handler – one dog, one human minimum

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