Bad Weather Days Are a Bummer

Southwest City Dog Park Rain and Snow Days SWCDP member FOBs are de-activated during closed periods and re-activated during open periods Many years ago, SWCDP launched our inclement weather dog park closing policy – however we did not use it with any frequency or consistency. Admittedly, we were a bit timid with our closing decisions. …

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Nov 24

We Are Open – Let’s Go To Dog Park

Can you hear the rumble? The ground and trees shaking? The clickety clack of paws and feet? That would be SWCDP members rushing to their dog park. We are all so excited to be back. And as an extra “good thing” – Mother Nature topped off our Re-Opening days with wonderful warm and sunny weather. …

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Nov 4

Fall Re-Opening – November 5, 2020

Short of a major crisis or deluge of rain – this new date will be firm November 5, 2020 – regular hours – 6:00am to 10:00pm This dog park update is a direct message from SWCDP President – ultimate turf decisions were made by Judi – any questions or feedback should be sent directly to …

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Oct 25

Turf Update

We are making progress . . . Thanks to all of our members who are waiting patiently for the SWCDP Fall re-opening.  We are getting close – and should have a definite date announcement very soon. We are tentatively looking at October 28. Although SWCDP has been closed for play purposes – some of us …

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Oct 15

July 3rd Reopening

Willmore Park is now open. Southwest City Dog Park 2020-2021 season opens JULY 3. Regular hours: 6:00am to 10:00pm. We promised July 1. We were ready July 1. We were excited about July 1. Mother Nature strongly disagreed – and always – she has the last word. Due to extraordinary amount of rain – the …

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Jun 30

Dog Park Reopening July 1

SWCDP will re-open on July 1, with some guidelines and restrictions. As of this email – we still do not have a date for Willmore Park to re-open to car traffic. We will let you know as soon as we receive an official date – but we are opening the dog park regardless. Members will …

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Jun 22

Dog Park Reopening Update

We communicated with both St Louis City Parks Commissioner and Forestry Commissioner – and here is the very latest info as of Friday, June 12 . . .   The Parks Department is having another planning meeting week of 6/15; Commissioner did not have any official opening date for us as of Friday – but …

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Jun 13

2020-2021 Opening Delayed

We communicated with the St Louis City Parks Commissioner a few days ago to inquire about the Willmore Park (and City dog parks) re-opening plans. A Willmore Park re-opening date had not yet been determined and she is looking into what facts and guidelines will be applied to City dog parks. We don’t yet know …

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Jun 7

2020-2021 Opening Delayed

Still no updates We are reaching out because we need a few helpers . . . VOLUNTEER GARDENING Saturday, June 6 – 9:30 to Noon Currently we need at least 6-8 people to help with our multiple garden areas – they are wild and crazy – and desperately need to be weeded and cleaned up …

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May 28

WOW! Opening Weekend

Welcome to all our new members – and Welcome Back to our returning members. Everyone had a blast this weekend and as of Monday morning, we have 567 dogs registered. Going to be another robust year. As previously mentioned – we have so much to share with you – that we have opted to send …

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Jun 3
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