New Year Safety for your Pets

New Year’s Eve can be a dangerous time for our pets Below are a few safety tips to ensure our pets stay safe, while we are ringing in the New Year   Keep your pets’ microchips and vaccination tags up-to-date. Make sure your pet has identification on in case he sneaks our and runs away …

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Dec 30

Let’s Work Together for SWCDP Successful Season

We see lots of smiling faces and wagging tails – and we know from member comments that everyone is happy to be back on SWCDP playground. Appreciate the positive feedback and member support for our decisions and pre-season work. Some may ask, “Why do you keep talking about rules?” Whelp, because almost daily the volunteers …

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Jul 10

Turf Management Program

We are excited to bring some positive news to our members – and hope you like it, too. SWCDP has talked about “change” for years. How much of the playground talk every year is about our turf and what to do about it, right? Well, time for talk is over; time for change is now. …

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Apr 16

Safety – Updates

SAFETY and Covid-19 Error on the Side of Caution Many area dog parks are closed. Some indefinitely, some until mid-late April, some open but requesting no more than 10 on site at a time with social distancing. SWCDP currently plans to re-open June 1 but we will make a final re-opening decision when we assess …

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Mar 29

End of Year Closing

More Dog Park Updates and Reminders . . . End of Season – Sunday SWCDP 2019-2020 Season will end on March 22 Dog Park will close at 10:00pm on Sunday Tentative SWCDP 2020-2021 Season Opening is June 1 Lost & Found This is your last chance to retrieve personal items lost at the dog park. …

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Mar 20

Safety – Closing – GMM

Safety Alert   *************************** One of SWCDP 4-Legged members is currently under Vet care for dry cough and drippy eyes/nose. The member household will not return to the dog park until Vet says it’s ok to resume social activities; is currently taking antibiotics, no other symptoms have developed and full recovery expected. *************************** We ask …

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Mar 10

Halloween Winners

    Click Below Halloween Games and Winners MORE TO COME After event activities are a big deal, time consuming – and we think worth the effort. Here are the next phases of the event wrap up. Costume Contest Ballot and Voting – November 26 Close of Voting – December 4 Announcement and Photos of …

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Nov 18

Kennel Cough – Halloween

One 2 days left . . . Don’t miss out on getting great dog park gear Show you are a proud member of our wonderful dog park community by wearing your SWCDP sweatshirts, hoodies, hats, shirts, and more around town – and – help us with ongoing fund raising efforts as well. Check out the …

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Nov 4

Halloween – Giardia Alert

This week – HOUSEKEEPING before fun stuff – but we hope you will read the event updates towards the end of this communiqué, too. Giardia Alert We have a report that one of our 4-Legged members is being treated for Giardia. Being responsible members, the humans will keep the dog away from the dog park …

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Oct 2

Beware of Hot Weather

Short update this week – coming off another round of extremely hot days – we want to share the following. Interesting info as it relates to dog safety and the heat. Do You Know the “Five Second” Test?            If you can place your hand flatly on the pavement and keep it there for five seconds, …

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Jul 22
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