Southwest City Dog Park Spring Renovation

Close March 26 at 10pm – Target re-opening June 1 at 6am


Make arrangements with some of your pup’s favorite dog park pals – take turns meeting in each other’s backyards – or going for walks together – or any other activity that might be enhanced by spending time together in lieu of their regular play time at SWCDP.

WALK WILLMORE PARK  (or other parks)

Come to the park anyway – and just enjoy the Spring weather and walking the park. Please know the Park Rangers, in recent meeting, said they will be watching for unleashed dogs – and will enforce the leash law more stringently because they have received many complaints about unleashed dogs running through the parks.

Have you walked any of the Great River Greenways?

Lots of great paths – go for it!


Just as you enjoy variety or new experiences – your pooch will, too. Spice things up! If a secondary dog park is within your budget . . . consider joining another membership based dog park as your alternative to when SWCDP is closed – or just because it is fun. If you don’t mind the drive – there are a few FREE ones, too.

Links to other dog parks on our website – check out their individual websites for most current info.

Here are a few that various SWCDP members have used:

  • Kitun Dog Park (Sunset Hills) – membership
  • Maplewood Dog Park (Maplewood) – membership
  • Bar K (City, off Kingshighway) – membership (discount April-May)
  • Ozark Drive Paw Park (Arnold) – free
  • Ferdinand B Lang Paw Park (Arnold) – free
  • Broemmelsiek Dog Park (Defiance) – free
  • Quail Ridge Dog Park (Wentzville) – free
  • Veterans Tribute Park (St Charles) – free

How is your dog’s manners and self control?

If you think your pup can handle a restaurant situation – St Louis has plenty of opportunities to dine together. We have a few links on our website. You can search for more restaurants by using Bring Fido.


Some of us have found this site to be very helpful when planning trips or new activities – and with summer around the corner and vacations revving up – we want you to have all resources possible. SWCDP President used Bring Fido to plan a 2 week trip to TN-NC mountains…the entire trip was centered around access to great dog parks, hotels/cabins, and more. Mountains were breathtaking – but they had to take a back seat to providing Rocket, the Husky teenager, with plenty of activity first.

You have to sign up (free) as a member to gain best info.

SWCDP cannot be responsible for day-to-day updates for outside websites. We strongly recommend you contact any venue you wish to visit prior to your arrival.