Incident/Safety Reports

  • Incident Reports are related to injuries, dog or human.
    – Serious dog fight, no Vet bills
    – Serious dog fight, Vet bills
    – Serious dog fight, human injuries
    – Other dog injuries
    – Other human injuries
  • Think, cool down, before submitting.
  • Each report requires evaluation – and time – from volunteer members on Safety
    & Incident Committee.
  • Anonymous reports will be discarded.


Click on links below to have questions answered.

You have 2 ways to submit a complaint.

  • You can submit your complaint electronically by completing the form below.
  • You can fill out the hard copy and drop it in the SWCDP mail box located in the entry area.  To obtain a hard copy click this link INCIDENT FORM


Complete Online Safety/Incident Form

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