PRODUCTS SPECIAL ORDERS – 4  Annual Production Runs

To get our best production costs and enable SWCDP to maximize our fundraising capabilities, we offer a wide variety of merchandise four times per year. You may place your order any time, but please note the production and pick-up/delivery schedule below.

For color and size choices – see our entire collection at our webstore!

A Product Sampling . . .


SWCDP Merchandise Production Schedule
For Special Orders 2018 – 2019

Orders Placed Between Orders Ready for Pick-Up
March 1 to May 5 May 17 (Thurs) – at GMM, Buder Elementary
May 6 to August 6 August 20 (Mon) – Doggie Pool Party in Alternate DP
August 7 to December 3 December 17 (Mon) – Special Pick-Up Station in Main DP
December 4 to March 5 March 21 (Thurs) -Special Pick-Up Station in Main DP
*Alternate Delivery/Pick-Up Options: All orders may be shipped to your preferred address ($5.00 fee) or picked up at Tiny Little Monster, 7207 Manchester Road in Maplewood.


SWCDP has partnered with Tiny Little Monster for all our dog park gear production.