Many hands needed to prepare for Spring Re-Opening

Saturday, May 29

9:00am until done

The grounds look fantastic but our annual cleaning and prepping process must be completed before we open up for play. Please check out the list of tasks – and then sign up as a volunteer. It is difficult for us to plan and organize a volunteer crew when we do not know how many helpers we have and which tasks the helpers are able to do.

So the planning part is just as important as the actual work part

SWCDP will provide:

  • Cold bottled water (in Entry area)
  • Paper yard waste bags (in Entry area)
  • A few sponges/brushes (pick up in Entry area)
  • Pinesol, bleach, other soaps
  • A few buckets (pick up in Entry area)
  • Limited gardening tools (see Judi)
  • 1 wheelbarrow, 1 cart, 2 rakes, 1 shovel
  • Mulch for front garden (located at curb)
  • A few flowers

Volunteers should bring, if such items are available:

  • Newspaper (for lining front garden prior to mulch)
  • Gardening tools
  • Shovels, rakes
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Buckets, sponges, brushes

T h e  J o b s


  • Weed & trim front gardens
  • Put yard waste in bags – take to curb for City pick up
  • Line ground with newspaper
  • Mulch – Load mulch into wheelbarrows – bring to garden areas, where needed
  • Mulch – Distribute mulch, as needed, after newspaper is placed
  • Inspect the Day Lily gardens – (just pull any tall weeds extending out of top of flowers)
    • Dog Wash Area
    • Alternate Patio Area
    • Garden outside fence at Pool Pad
    • Garden outside fence on River Des Peres side

Scrub a Dub Dub

IMPORTANT: Work in teams, so we do not make muddy areas – hose should only be on long enough to rinse off soap. One team work with soapy buckets and sponges – wash top, bottom, underneath areas. One team turn on hose, rinse off soap, turn off hose, wait for next item to rinse.

  • All benches
  • All tables
  • All trash cans (then put fresh bag in each before cans get placed around dp) Note: Roll of trash can bags in Entry area.
  • All pools
  • All drinking buckets (white to be used for warm weather; black to be stored til winter)

The “Muscle” Jobs

  • Dig up gravel (old storage area near Water Sta 1)
  • Dig up dirt – and some grass (near Main entry gate area)
  • Salvage grass in dig area, if possible
  • Transport and replant grass to area near Water Sta 1
  • Put down gravel (from Water Sta 1 area) in new area at Main entry gate
  • Relocate benches and tables (after they are washed) to newly designated areas (see Bob)
  • Relocate trash cans to designated areas (marked with a stone/flat surface area)

General Sprucing Up

  • Rake/sweep parking lot – at the curb line only – go from end corner to ramp at minimum
  • Bag debris and put at curb trash can for City pick up
  • Take out old bags from every white bag holder (Main and Alternate, hanging on fence)
  • Be careful – check for bird nests, wasp/bee nests, etc
  • Refill all bag holders
  • Inspect main BAG BIN – get rid of bags that are too big or small. Bags that work best for our needs are the typical grocery bags or similar size bags. Throw away or recycle all else

So . . . Can you help us? Please sign up at this link – so we know you are coming. And, also, when you arrive, sign in on the clip board in Entry Area – so we know who is on site and we can get you assigned to tasks right away. Thanks!

About the Dogs

Since all dog play must be supervised, we suggest you come without your dog while you are working – and then come back when your tasks are completed so that your pup can benefit from the “volunteer reward” of a special play period. We will allow access to the dog park for our volunteers on Saturday from 9:00am until 1:30pm. A special treat.

If you cannot return for the designated play period – you may bring your dog during the work period – but we ask that you have someone with you to provide the necessary supervision. It is our experience that working on a volunteer crew while trying to keep an eye on your dog is a challenge at best – and often, a problem.

All member FOBs will be activated on Sunday, May 30
for the SWCDP official re-opening – regular hours


Only members coming to work will be allowed into the dog park on Saturday. After 1:30, additional work (no volunteers needed) will be done, truck will be in/out, and variety of supplies may be laying on the ground. Absolutely, No Dogs.