This Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement is an abbreviated version of lengthier legal documents. It is SWCDP’s attempt to simplify and make our agreement easy to understand and not require our volunteers to seek legal counsel before signing. Although SWCDP 100% supports any volunteer who wishes to obtain legal advice prior to signing. We want all parties comfortable with the shorter, but legally binding, SWCDP agreement.

Agreement Purpose The purpose of this “Agreement” is to further clarify SWCDP’s operating guidelines, what is considered normal process and to solidify a mutual understanding of the expectations for handling the SWCDP’s confidential information by the Member Volunteer.

 SWCDP Operating Principals and Guidelines

  • SWCDP is a 501c3 non-profit organization, managed by non-paid volunteers.
  • SWCDP is a members-only dog park; membership granted by vetting through a registration process and an annual user-fee paid at time of membership application.
  • SWCDP is committed to member confidentiality. When people join SWCDP, it is with the understanding that the personal information provided for membership purposes will remain private.
  • This means SWCDP will not sell, distribute or otherwise share or circulate the private information given to SWCDP solely for SWCDP membership processing.
  • SWCDP handles cash, personal checks or money orders, and payments thru PayPal for membership fees, donations, SWCDP merchandise purchases, and other operational activities.
  • SWCDP volunteers conduct SWCDP business occasionally via US Postal Service but primarily via laptop, desktop, smart phones, or other appropriate technology and such device (s) must have current security software (such as, but not limited to: Norton, McAfee, TrendMicro, etc). SWCDP will not dictate type of technology or product brand for security – but will insist that all appropriate tools are current and in working order. Some volunteer tasks will require an appropriate computer.
  • SWCDP is committed to transparency and releases financial and operational information in an annual General Membership Meeting (GMM) and in timely announcements throughout the year, as appropriate or as needed.

Agreement In consideration for being furnished Confidential Information, the SWCDP Member Volunteer agrees as follows:

  1. Confidential Information. The term “Confidential Information” as used in this Agreement shall mean any data or information that SWCDP considers confidential. This may include competitively or operationally sensitive material not generally known to the public.
    • Example 1: SWCDP maintains a database of all SWCDP members, current and past; this includes personal information including but not limited to: full name, home address, home and cell phone numbers, employment phone number/optional, e-mail address (s), names of other household members (family or otherwise, including children/optional), photo and Veterinarian information on each dog member, and more.
    • Example 2: SWCDP supports a Safety and Incident Committee (SAIC) that reviews dog fights or issues between members. The final course of action is decided by the SAIC but all volunteers involved in reviewing this information, including all other Member Volunteers in this document, agree to keep the information confidential. This process is to protect SWCDP dog and human members from getting negative reputation based on unwarranted complaints or others over-reacting to dog park situations.
  1. Security. The Member Volunteer will immediately report to SWCDP any hacking or security breach to SWCDP hard copy or electronic systems.
  1. Exclusions & Conflicting Confidential Information. The fact that some of SWCDP member’s personal information may already be generally available, via social media, internet lists, memberships in other organizations/companies, or other venues, does not diminish SWCDP’s commitment to handling SWCDP member’s personal info in the professional manner expressed at time of membership registration. SWCDP membership information will not be shared or released by the Member Volunteer – regardless of the aforementioned conditions.
  1. Obligation to Maintain Confidential Information.  The Member Volunteer has an obligation to SWCDP not copy, change, share database information, either as a whole, or as individual cases, unless specifically approved by the owner of the private data – or as part of the volunteer work assigned to the volunteer by SWCDP, e.g., updating a SWCDP member database record, etc. If a SWCDP member requests contact info for another SWCDP member. The Member Volunteer will first obtain permission from the SWCDP member in question to obtain permission to share such information to the requesting member. The exception is when SAIC is handling incidents with injuries involving medical or veterinary bills. In these cases SWCDP/SAIC will provide appropriate contact information so the parties can work through outside of SWCDP. Southwest City Dog Park does not get involved in financial or legal negotiations between SWCDP members.
  1. Non-solicitation. The Member Volunteer agrees not to take advantage of having access to SWCDP’s member information and will not solicit such members for any purposes outside of SWCDP’s intentions or without express direction from SWCDP.
  1. Representatives. This Agreement pertains solely to the Member Volunteer who has signed this Agreement. In other words, the Member Volunteer agrees not to give access to SWCDP Confidential Information and agrees that no one will perform the volunteer tasks assigned to the Member Volunteer. There shall be no substitute people performing the activities expected to be carried out by the Member Volunteer.
  1. Disclaimer. There is no representation or warranty, express or implied, made by SWCDP as to the accuracy or completeness of any of its Confidential Information. SWCDP relies on information as given by the members (or others) as it relates to membership information, incident status, other activity related to operational or maintenance of the dog park. SWCDP works towards ongoing updating and corrections, as needed.
  1. Notices. Should the Member Volunteer need to resign their volunteer post, the resignation must be in writing – addressed to both SWCDP’s President and Secretary – and sent either via appropriate email addresses or via US Post Office, PO Box 191152, St Louis, MO 63119.  SWCDP requests a minimum 2 week notice but realizes that “life happens” and will work with the Member Volunteer’s personal situation, as needed. Should SWCDP volunteer needs change or the volunteer is not meeting SWCDP’s needs, it is the discretion of SWCDP judgment as to whether give a 2 week notice or terminate the volunteer tasks immediately. SWCDP will provide a written notice to the Member Volunteer of any decision pertaining to the Member Volunteer’s volunteer status.
  1. Agreement Duration. This Agreement will be in effect for the duration of the Member Volunteer’s SWCDP membership. This means the Agreement terms will carry forward year to year, provided the Member Volunteer maintains continuous SWCDP membership. Should the Member Volunteer choose not to renew SWCDP membership or there is a lapse of membership for any reason, SWCDP will require the Member Volunteer to sign a new Non-Disclosure / Confidentiality Agreement.


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