A quickie but important Blog this week – a few follow ups from recent events – and – it is time to start the planning of our Fall Celebration and Halloween event, too.

Agility Demo

Great turn out. 2-Leggeds & 4-Leggeds had an exciting time – humans picked up helpful tips while their pooches enjoyed the paws on experience and both benefited from immediate feedback from agility volunteer, Betsy, who donated her agility knowledge for the event. Thanks, Betsy!

Meet the participants and view a few photos summarizing the event.

Agility Photos

Pool Party Photos

Kudos to our Peanut Butter Licking Contest winners! And, fun shots of the Find the Treat Course. Take a look at our party goers having an awesome time.

Pool Party Photos

Female Pup Needs a Home – A Real Cutie, Youthful Enthusiasm

Check out Luna’s story here

Fall Celebration and Halloween Contest
Saturday, November 2
10:00am to 3:00pm

To give you a peak of what is coming – consider all of these event amenities – and watch for upcoming flyers and emails with more details…

For Humans & Canines
    • Photo Booth
    • Tether Ball
    • Straw Climbing Maze
For Canines
    • Costume Contest
    • Peanut Butter Licking Contest
    • The Liver Lounge
    • Bobbing for Hotdogs
    • Find the Treat Course
For Humans
    • Cupcake Contest
    • Lunch & Beverage Booth
VOLUNTEERS Needed for Halloween Event

The Halloween event is multi-faceted and has so much activity packed into five hours – that it is our greatest volunteer need of the year. We simply cannot produce this event without a solid volunteer base.

Please volunteer for a two hour volunteer slot. There will still be plenty of time to enjoy the party with your family and 2-Leggeds either before or after your work session. Or, bring an adult with you to watch your pooch while you volunteer. Check out the volunteer link to review the types of tasks and give us as many time slots as you are available – and you will be assigned your 2 hour slot when we create the Master Volunteer Schedule.


DONATIONS Needed for Halloween Event

Please contact us right away if you or anyone you know might be in a position to either sponsor one of the contests or provide general prizes. We need specific items or gift certificates for goods and services – things that would appeal to the broadest membership, such as gift certificates to dog supplies and services, gas cards, restaurants, wine or specialty shops, home improvement stores, sports or other entertainment events, etc – or even a membership for next year.

Attendance Prize (s) 
    • First Place (Retail Value: $50-100)
    • All other drawings may be within a wide retail value range ($10-50)
*Dog Costume Contest (Range: $85-175) 
    • First Place (Retail Value: $50-100)
    • Second Place (Retail Value: $25-50)
    • Third Place (Retail Value: $10-25)
*Human Cupcake Contest (Range: $85-175)
    • First Place (Retail Value: $50-100)
    • Second Place (Retail Value: $25-50)
    • Third Place (Retail Value: $10-25)

*If possible, we prefer one entity to supply all three gifts for Costume contest winners and one entity to supply all three gifts for Cupcake contest winners – so they will be the “sponsor” for those contests.

Attendance Prizes – Multiple Drawings, depending on number of gifts
Contest Prizes – Two contests, total of six winners
Photo Booth Sponsor – Need Yummy Dog Treats for each booth visitor (100-150 doggie treats)
Variety of small give-aways ($1-25)…sometimes we use a bunch of small items for a Swag Bag to give as thanks to key volunteers or to add to our Prize Box for the Peanut Butter Licking Contest winners (ongoing)

Housekeeping Reminders
Water & Drinking Buckets

Soon the warm weather buckets (white) will be taken out and the cold weather buckets (black) will be used through the winter. The pools and hoses have now been stored away until next season. We will announce in upcoming email the dates and water station status. Until then, continue filling buckets for Main at Water Station 3 and buckets for Alternate at Water Station 4.

New Table

Our new table for Alternate is literally on its way – we should have this installed within the next several days. Watch for it, very cool.