Rainbow Bridge Wall


Most SWCDP canine members agree that they want to stay at their dog park forever. In fact, some of the humans have to coax, bribe or carry them out the gate when time to go home. These phenomena coupled with the many friendships, human and canine, formed within our wonderful dog park community led to the creation of SWCDP Rainbow Bridge Wall.

When a SWCDP canine member leaves us for the Rainbow Bridge, their humans often like to add their dog’s tag to the SWCDP Rainbow Bridge Wall – as a memorial gesture – and as a representation of their dog’s wish to stay at SWCDP forever!


Qualifications and Directions for SWCDP Rainbow Bridge Wall


    • Eligibility: Dog must be SWCDP member, either during same year as passing – or – have been a member for at least one previous season – Non-members are not eligible for SWCDP Rainbow Bridge
    • Tag Requirements: Tag size must be no larger than 1.5 inches x 1.5 inches
    • Custom Tag: Specialty tag permitted with personal sentiment or photo but must not exceed size limit
    • Regular Tag: May use regular tag but be aware most have human contact info on them (do not recommend for hanging at dog park)

    Note: Do not use the SWCDP member dog tag because it only has a number ID, no dog name for memorial purposes

The wall is an addition to SWCDP Rainbow Bridge efforts, see the Rainbow Bridge page for photos and written memorials of some of our past members.

Rainbow Bridge Memorial Page


Any member who as lost their pup can request that the pups picture be displayed on our Memorial page. Click on the button at the bottom of the page.


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