To learn more about SAIC

SWCDP provides a volunteer committee to manage incident activity. Scope of the committee and the process for incident management is fully described in SWCDP User Guide Page 14

Before you submit a report

All submissions are assigned a case number and remain in SWCDP permanent records.

  • Valid incident reports include dog fights, with or without injury, human fights, repeated rules violations, trespassing issues
  • Consider if situation was inevitable dog ruckus (not all dogs play well together – different play styles and energy level, etc) – no report required — Or — serious aggression or violations – report is appropriate
  • Collect as much info as possible, dog and human names (or description) and witness (s) when available – important in order to process the report
  • If injury, include photo
  • File report immediately so that happenings are still fresh in everyone’s mind – but first stay calm and think it thru so that you are as clear as possible with the facts
Incident Review

Takes considerable volunteer time because we must collect info from all involved parties before we can determine the appropriate response and best outcome.


If you need to contact SAIC outside of filing a formal report – you can contact directly using this email. Do not send incident information to other SWCDP management. ALL communication regarding incidents or bad behavior issues must stay with SAIC.


Complete Online Incident Form

This form will be submitted to SAIC team – you will receive an email with the case number and follow up questions. This email string will be part of the permanent record for this report. Please watch for the SAIC response.


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