Volunteers were Responsible

for making Southwest City Dog Park (and future City dog parks) a reality!


And, it is our wonderful volunteers that keep SWCDP thriving – and growing. SWCDP has no paid staff – every task, large and small, is a direct result of members dedicated to keeping SWCDP as a top notch dog park.

But, as with most groups, no matter how successful – the need for volunteers is constant. Many of our valued volunteers are no longer able to contribute to our ongoing volunteer needs; variety of reasons include: relocation, work or personal situation changes, human or canine aging out, health issues, or passing away…and more.

This means we have a constant need for helpers. We need all kinds of skills and talents – and sometimes we just need an extra pair of hands.

We also need to look at future leadership for the dog park – and we believe beginning as a helper on a committee or individual tasks is a good way to “test it out” – to see where your leadership potential may be.

Come on…check it out. You know if your 4-Legged could – he would help!

At Southwest City Dog Park

Our volunteers are recognized and appreciated for their generosity and commitment to the well being of their dog park.

SWCDP volunteers receive a “Pawesome” t-shirt
and they and their guest are hosted by SWCDP for an evening of fun at our annual WLOV event (We Luv Our Volunteers)….all paid for through a combination of SWCDP operating funds and generous donations of members and business community.