The dog park is about 1.1 acres and offers two play areas plus a dog wash and Agility area

SWCDP is a membership-based dog park. The facility is managed by current members who donate their time in various ways and all activities are overseen by a volunteer governing board. Southwest City Dog Park operations and improvements are funded by SWCDP annual membership fees and special fundraising efforts. The dog park is not funded or operated by the City of St. Louis.

Our facility provides a fenced-in urban green space where dogs, accompanied by their humans, can run and play off-leash, exercise, socialize and make friends with other 4 Leggeds. Lots of free time and open play plus frequently organized doggie events, too.

Grassy play areas

MAIN is a large play area with plenty of open space for playing ball, frisbee or romping with other 4-leggeds. There is a small agility course (separately fenced), two water bowl areas. Doggie pools between June and October, straw climbing maze and winter shelter between November and March.

ALTERNATE is a smaller play area with its own entrance gate and nice concrete patio. This space has one water bowl area, and between June and October – a doggie pool. The alternate dog park is used for special needs such as smaller dogs who need to play away from the larger, more robust dogs, or for older or shy dogs who may not be happy with the high energy on the MAIN playground. The space is also used for dogs who may be recovering from surgery or other situations that require a more low-key setting. Finally, if the space is not in use by any of the previously mentioned dogs, it may be used for dogs that need a “time out” or who need to learn socialization skills in a more contained and controlled area.

 Dog Wash
Dog Wash


DOG WASH is a wonderful amenity. Many members wash off their pooches at the end of the playtime and before jumping into the car. Some even use it as a cool down or time out session. A fenced and gated area, conveniently located near the entrance/exit area – the dog wash is spacious enough for 2-3 dogs and their humans with high and low wash benches.


AGILITY AREA located at the back of the park. Variety of agility equipment plus room where you can work on dog training. This is the only place in the park where treats are allowed. Various dog park sponsored training sessions are conducted here for members only.