Southwest City Dog Park (SWCDP), in Willmore Park, is one of the oldest and definitely the largest dog park in the City of St Louis and is considered the flagship dog park within the St Louis City Parks system. Funded and managed by member volunteers, SWCDP offers a ten month season and 1.1 acres of fenced in fun.

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SWCDP has a fantastic dog community, great members – both 2 and 4 Legged – lots to do for those who like to be active and plenty of opportunities to socialize and make new friends, too. We usually offer several special events throughout the season. You can find these in our newsletter!

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CURRENT MEMBERS need to retain their fobs for the upcoming season

The park by the numbers

Proud to be one of the first dog parks in St. Louis City!

Southwest City Dog Park has lots of amenities to offer our members:

1.1 Acres
1 Agility areas
2 Fenced distinct play areas
3 Water Stations
3 Annual Events
800 Active households

Photo Galleries

Plenty of photos tell our story plus lots of info about what we do and what it is like to be part of our canine community. Check them out!

General Photos
Kick Off
Puppy Pool Parties
Education Training Sports
Halloween Celebrations
Other Events

5 Year Plan

Five Year Plan / Wish List SWCDP Improvement Plan Website Upgrade, Launch Spring 2020   (started 2019-2020 season; completed 2020-21 season) Template upgrade and major back-end improvements and repair, focus primarily on membership registration process, database management, access control records; more user-friendly and smart phone appropriate. Turf Management, Year-Round Program (begins 2020-21 season, ongoing) Major changes …

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Apr 6

Turf Management Program

We are excited to bring some positive news to our members – and hope you like it, too. SWCDP has talked about “change” for years. How much of the playground talk every year is about our turf and what to do about it, right? Well, time for talk is over; time for change is now. …

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Apr 16
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“Why do we need to leave so soon (even after being there 2 hours!) and when can we go back?”
- Stella