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December 2015 QN

Happy Holidays, Maze, Halloween Voting

November 2015 QN

Gear Order, Shelter, Maze, Water Stations, Rules, Monitoring Playground, Volunteer

September 2015 

Big Soccer Ball, Tether Ball, New Agility Equipment, Giant Tug, Halloween Winners, Events, Rainbow Bridge (Captain), Stretcher, St Louis Metro Area Dog Park Manger Group, Recognizing Dog Behavior, Member Survey, Volunteers, Watch Your Dog, Trash Talk, Ian Dunbar, Bite Assessment, Dog Aggression, Canine Good Citizen, Pooch Pack, Greater St Louis Training Club, SAIC, Trespassing, Bill & Rosemary, Lost or Found Pets, Doggie Friendship, Puppy Pool Party

June 2015

Kick Off, Safety and Incidents, SAIC, First Aid, Trespassing, Grass Cutting, Heat Stroke, Rules, Water Stations, Turf, BiState Ped Food Pantry, Canine Good Citizen, Rainbow Bridge, Water Station 3, Kick Off, Agility

March 2015 QN

Closing, Turf, Volunteers, Events

March 2015 Part 1

Events, Mo Earth Dogs, Disc Dogs, Bark In The Park, Fast & Furriest, Pooches In The Ballpark, City Parks, Boathouse, County Parks, Mallard Lake, Stray Rescue, Wrigley, Donation, GMM, Photo Required, Rainbow Bridge (Rusty), Dooley, Gateway Pet Guardians, Maizy, Rainbow Bridge (Jake), Sidewalk Project, Patio and Dog Wash, Rainbow Bridge (Dexter), Show Your Tongue

March 2015 Part 2

Canine Good Citizen, Amy Pike, Behavior Consultant, Toxic Foods, Pet Poison Hot Line, Pictures, Rainbow Bridge (Maddie), Galgos, Greyhounds, A Mother’s Safe Haven, Doody Calls, Poo Prints, DNA Testing, Volunteers, Puppy Pool Party, Halloween Celebration, Halloween Winners, Santa At The Park, WLOV

January 2015 QN

Trespassers, Must Have Tags, Must Have Collars, Must Have Leashes, Children On The Playground, Dogs Without Tags, Projects, Maze

December 2014 QN

Santa At The Park, Reminders, Trespassers, Closed Halloween Contest

September 2014  QN

Events, Lost & Found, Bi-State Food Panty, Puppy Pool Party, Fall Party, Volunteers, Donations, Umbrella, Table, Events, Meet Up, Paws In The Park, Halloween

August 2014

Puppy Pool Party, Donations, Doggie Dreams, Wilbur, Gracie, Hotline, Mail Box, Dog Roster, Mocha, Pet Deterrent, Holes, Dirt Bin, Turf, Water Station 3, Pool Pad, Pool Rules, Temp Closing, Canine Good Citizen, Ear Care, Agility, Bark In The Park, Kick Off, Paddle with Pooch, Boathouse, Events, Litter Mates, Membership Celebration, Dog Wash, Kiddie Playground, Keep Park Clean, Recycle, No Leashes on Fence, No Children Under 8, No Alcohol, Volunteers

March 2014 QN

Park Closing, Bordetella Vaccine Required, New PO Box, GMM, Bark In The Park, Volunteers, Gear

July 2014 QN

City Park Upgrade, Temporary Closure, Hotline, Events, User Guide

June 2014 QN

Kick=Off, Volunteers, Baby Birds, Mud Issues, Events, K9 Good Citizen, Bags, Pool and Umbrella Donation, Gear Sale

May 2014 QN

Volunteer, Poop, Bags, Help Bill, Paved Walkway, Dog Wash, Patio, ADA, Closing

April 2014 QN

Turf, Membership Application

April 2014

Activities, Behaviorist, Canine Good Citizen, Bloat, Amy Pike, Turf, Volunteer, Caika, WLOV, Rainbow Bridge (Gracie, Costume Winners, Prize Winners

December 2013 – Part 1

GMM, APA Cookbook, Kick Off Event, Sammy, Tyler, Shopping Spree, Cleopatra, Puppy Pool Party, Pictures, Trio, Safety, Incident Report, Complaint Reports, Dog Watch, Safety Report, Howard, Toy Tips, Ian Dunbar, Adoption, Predatory Drift, Renovation, Turf, Big Dig 3, Dog Wash, Water Stations, Shelters, Message Boards, Signs, Rules, Front Entrance, Welcome Sign, Garden Sign, Donations

December 2013 – Part 2

Halloween Event, BiState Pet Food Pantry, Costumes, Deaf Dogs, Lily, Dog Signs, Xander, Rainbow Bridge (Triston, Mindy), Member Deaths, Gear, Volunteer, Pictures, TLM

August 2013(2) QN

Help Junior, Agility Demo, Volunteers, Events, Puppy Pool Party, K9 Games, Pool Crawl

August 2013 QN

Free Event, BiState Pet Food Pantry, Kennel Cough, Emergency Kit, Emergency Numbers, Agility Tutoring, Education Committee, Keep the Park Clean, Rules, Troubles, Aggressive Dogs, Holes, Foul Language, Alcohol, No Leashes on Fence, Pool Dumping, Gate Code is Confidential, Gear

June 2013 QN

Kick Off, Season Opening, Volunteer, Gear, New Tables, Moles, Bags, Lost & Found, GMM, Trespassing

April 2013

Garden Donations,Closing, Other Parks, I Will Survive (Closing Song), Activities While Closed,Volunteers, Engagements,GMM,Shopping Spree Winner,Rainbow Bridge (Lucy), Big Dig3, Gear in Pictures, Shelter, Snow Angels

Jan  2013

Top Names, WLOV, Nose Work, BiState Pet Food Pantry, Easter Egg Hunt, Agility, Sylvia Oglesby, Nubi, Lucy, Safety First, Look Alike Contest, Dog Wash, Re-Hab, Adoption, Mabel, Doggie Shrinks, Pictures, Shelter, Turf, Front Gate, Doe, Stray Rescue, Panda Program, Greater St Louis Training Club, Senior Sunday, Shadow’s Spa Day, Activities, Rainbow Bridge (Mandy), Resource Guarding, Deborah Horwitz, Amy Pike, Dog Behaviorist

December 2012 QN

Santa is Coming, Lost & Found, Gear, Photo Shoot, Safety, Good Food, Bad Food

Fall 2012

Agility, Safety First, Vet Sponsors, Racing Greyhounds,Quinn’s Story, Honey’s Story, Fun Activities,Rainbow Bridge (Murphy,Rowdy), Turf, Dog Wash, Senior Social, BiState Pet Food Pantry, Operation Spot, Volunteers, Pictures

September 2012 QN

Closing Policy, Artsy Volunteer, Event, Agility Tutoring, Bi-State Pet Food Pantry, St Louis K9 Games, Senior Sunday, Gear, K9 CPR, Safety, Pools

August 2012 Emerg


July 2012 QN

Big Dig II, Volunteer, Events, Plastic Bags Needs, Water Station 4, Water Station 3, New Pool Needed, Mud Closing

Summer 2012 

Agility Equipment, Eating feces, Safety Kit, Alternate DP, New Pools, Water Stations, Dog Wash, Turf Report, DP Gear, Volunteers, BiState Pet Food Pantry, Message Board

Spring 2012 

Slogan Contest, GMM, Budget, Volunteers, Survey, Leashless in St Louis, Rainbow Bridge (Murphy), Gear, Events,

Winter 2011

Suggestion Survey, Housekeeping, Doggie Pictures

Autumn 2011

Alternate, Poop, Worms, Giardia, Mocha, Pet Connections, Volunteers, Events, King, Swimming, Pools

Summer 2011

Turf, Membership Renewal, Moles, Dog Noses, Posh, Dream Dog Park Contest, Rusty, Improvements, Change in Renewal Period

Spring 2011

Bark In The Park, Turf, Yahoo Group, Volunteers, Watch List, Dog Tail

February 2011

GMM, Tacky Ball, Volunteer, Bark in the Park, Obedience Class, Dog Behavior

November 2010

Board Member Changes, Collars, Pickup Waste, Santa Christmas Pictures

August 2010

Membership Renewal, Events, Poop Bags, Doggie Aquatics

March 2008

Membership, Turf, GMM, New Landscaper, Movies At The Park, Bark In The Park, Shelter, Volunteers, Report An Incident, Events