How do I become a member of the dog park?

An application must be completed.  Sign the waiver, attach copy of vaccine records & solo photo of each dog seeking membership, send all with your registration fee.

Does my dog need to be neutered/spayed?

No.  Neuter/Spay is recommended but not required.

What shots does my dog need?

We require proof of current vet administered rabies and bordetella vaccines for each dog (Must have Vet’ s Name, date, dogs name and vaccination administered)

DHLPP is recommended but not required.

Can my child come to the park?

Children under the age of 8 are not allowed for their safety and in fairness to our dog members who may not be comfortable with small children.

Children between 8 and 14 are allowed with parent or legal guardian. Responsible teenagers 15 and above may bring member dog provided they demonstrate ability to follow rules and manage control of their dog.

How long will my membership be valid?

The dog park year goes from Jan 1 – Dec 31.

It’s the middle of the season.  Do you prorate?

Currently, we do not prorate.

Can I try out the dog park before I pay?

No. We manage the dog park according to City Ordinance 66595 – which requires SWCDP  to vet for current vaccines and collect signed waiver and membership fees. SWCDP is managed by volunteers; we do not have staff on site to handle unique requests.

Do you ever close the dog park?

The dog park hours are the same as for any city park. 6am – 10pm 7 days a week. However, the dog park is closed every Tues from 8am – noon during the mowing season. We will, also, closed periodically for park maintenance or due to extreme wet conditions.

Why do you charge for membership? I usually go to free dog parks.

SWCDP is completely self-funded; we use the membership fees for ongoing operational & maintenance costs, upgrades and amenities, etc. We do not receive operational funds from St Louis City or Parks Department.

What are the benefits of a membership-based dog park?

Because all SWCDP users have completed an application, we have their contact information on file along with their signed waiver and agreement to abide by our rules and be financially responsible for their dog’s behavior.

    • Members can be assured all legitimate dog members on the playground are current with vaccines. We do our best, with member cooperation, to keep trespassers out of our dog park.
    • We post an updated roster of dog members on our website. Member Roster
    • Dog park users like being part of an organized community and are more than willing to help monitor the playground – ensuring better playground behavior and accountability.
    • Our members love their dog park, take pride in the facility – and help keep the grounds clean and help ensure a fun and safe play areas for their dogs.
Do you discriminate against some breeds?

No. We do not discriminate against any breed. All are welcome provided they are well behaved and have appropriate playground social skills.

Can I bring a friend’s dog as a guest?

No. Every dog must have a current SWCDP membership to qualify for playground usage. Our members work together to monitor the playground and dogs with no legitimate SWCDP tag will be asked to leave immediately.

How do I add another dog?

Complete this Add Additional Dog form. Here is a link: 

I am going to be on vacation. Can my dog sitter bring my dog?

Your dog sitter can bring your dog. Have your pet sitter sign our waiver and send it to Here is the link: Pet Sitter Waiver


Send any additional questions to the secretary.