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Southwest City Dog Park is a membership based dog park. Membership is open to both City and Non-City residents for an annual fee. We do not receive any funding from City of St Louis and we rely on SWCDP membership fees to support operational costs, upgrades, repairs, etc. The dog park is managed by member volunteers.

Applications are processed and approved by SWCDP Secretary/Membership Manager. Membership questions should be directed to

Season and Application Updates

A Note About Our Turf . . .

SWCDP is committed to providing a green and grassy park, plenty of natural turf for 2 and 4 Legged enjoyment. Our pooches love to run on and roll in the grass for as long into the season as possible. The turf endures very heavy foot and paw traffic, the soil is heavily compacted by season’s end. For this reason, we require an annual closing period each spring. We excavate the most trafficked areas, aerate, fertilize and seed. While the new shoots sprout quickly – it takes time for the new turf to become strong enough to handle the high activity that comes with every opening season.


The Dog Park is currently OPEN

Applications are NOW available for the 2019-20 year.  Please click here is you wish to register online

To download a hard copy application, please click here.  Applicants without printer access may request a paper application mailed to them by contacting our Secretary/Membership Manager at 

Since we will be closing at the end of March for the yearly park maintenance, we will not long accept applications after Feb. 28, 2020.  If you wish to be put on our registration list for the new dog park year beginning June 1, 2020, please send an email to  and you will be notified when registration reopens.


City residents: $52.00 first dog, $10.00 each additional dog

Non-city residents: $67.00 first dog, $10.00 each additional dog

Southampton Neighborhood Association Members:
$42.00 first dog, $10.00 each additional dog

NOTE:  Sorry, we do not prorate the membership fees

Discount to SNA Members:

SWCDP offers a $10 discount to people who are current members of our original sponsor, Southampton Neighborhood Association (SNA). To qualify for the discount, you must be a current SNA member. If you are not a Southampton Neighborhood Association Member, please consider joining…it’s only $10!. SNA membership must be renewed annually and is a separate transaction from the SWCDP membership.

Read More about the South Hampton Neighborhood Assn.

Click below to complete a Southampton Neighborhood Association Membership Application.

You will be redirected to the SNA web site. SNA Application