Qualifying for Membership

  • Dogs must be at least 4 months old
  • Dogs must have proof of current vet administered vaccine (Rabies, Bordetella) and current photo as part of application
  • SWCDP application, including annual membership fee, must be approved by SWCDP Secretary
  • Children must be at least 8 years old


  • Owner:   Any adult member who is accompanying member dog inside the dog park will be considered the “owner” for sake of legal responsibility during that visit.
  • Household:   Each base membership is considered a “household unit”. Humans and dogs being registered must live at this household to qualify as part of a household. Children or foster dogs are the exceptions; clear foster dogs with SWCDP should status change during the season.
  • Pet Sitter:   An adult who is given the responsibility to care for a member’s dog while owner is unavailable. A signed waiver must be submitted before bringing in member dog (s).  Non-member dogs may not be brought into the dog park.
  • Trespasser:   In compliance with City Ordinances 66595 and 57335, anyone entering SWCDP facilities without a current membership is considered a trespasser and SWCDP has the responsibility to report such trespassing to authorities for further action.


Membership status is subject to review by the SWCDP Board and SWCDP Safety and Incident Committee in the event of a written complaint regarding either an owner’s or dog’s behavior or repeated disregard for the dog park rules.  All members are encouraged to question visitors without current park tags, or speak up regarding people who are not respecting the dog park. Should you have concerns about membership, security, incidents please send an email to the SWCDP Secretary, secretary.swdogpark@gmail.com  – she will forward to the appropriate person.

  1. Only members who have signed the waiver enclosed with SWCDP application will be allowed to bring dogs into the dog park – and such dogs must be registered through the SWCDP application process and have a current membership. Members may bring a human guest with them – but the member must agree to assume responsibility for guest (s) while inside the dog park. Membersmay not bring canine guests into the dog park, ever.
  2. Members agree to abide by the “No SWCDP tag, No admittance, No exceptions” rule. All dogs must wear the SWCDP current season tag at all times. If there is a valid reason for the dog not to wear the tag, this must be approved by SWCDP Secretary – and the member must agree to carry the tag while the dog is inside the dog park.
  3. Members will be issued one fob upon registration unless a second fob is requested at that time, which will require a second email address. A fob is issued only to an individual and is never to be used by anyone else. Members agree to not loan or give the fob to anyone. Only vetted dogs and registered members are allowed to use the dog park facility. You will be charged $25.00 for lost or stolen fobs.
  4. No children under age 8 are allowed inside the dog park. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Member dogs may, or may not, have experience being around children; being child-friendly is not a requirement for dog membership and experiences will vary.
  5. Dog owners are responsible legally and financially for any injury caused by their dogs.
  6. Dog owners must pick up their dog’s poop and place in grey or tan trash cans – not in blue recyclable cans. SWCDP provides bags for poop pick up throughout the park and a poop scooper is provided in the Main and Alternate play areas.
  7. Dog owners must stop their dog from digging and must fill any holes caused by their dogs. Extra dirt is available in the Dirt Bin.
  8. Collars: Dogs must wear a buckle, snap or Martingaale-style (nylon or leather) collar. Choke, prong, pinch, spiked, loose-fitting collars are not permitted
  9. Leashes: Dog owners must have the dog’s leash in their possession at all times. If a situation arises in which the dog must be leashed and taken out of the fenced area, the owner is ready to take immediate action. Retractable “Flexie” leashes are not permitted.
  10. Control: All dogs must be under visual and voice control by owners; excessive barking is not permitted, and uncontrollable dogs must be removed. Having a bad day? Go home, come back later. Dog humping is not permitted. Dogs shall not be left unattended.
  11. Capacity: No member may bring more than three dogs into the dog park at any one time. No more than 100 dogs may be on SWCDP grounds at any given time (unless a SWCDP sanctioned event).
  12. Gates, Equipment & Pools/Hoses: All gates must be closed, including gates to agility or other game areas. DO NOT hold gate open for other people. Members must follow guidelines for pool, hose, and other resource use, as directed by emails and/or signage, per season, as needs arise.
  13. Courtesy: Be respectful of other member’s wishes; if your dog is creating angst for a member dog or human, adjust the behavior or leave.
  14. Resources: Do not take supplies or resources from the grounds, including, not limited to first aid, toys, tools, lawn equipment, etc.
  15. Professional dog trainers may not use the facilities in the conduct of their business; however, SWCDP may from time to time bring trainers to a sanctioned SWCDP event.
  16. The following are not permitted in the fenced area:
    • Dogs under 4 months old
    • Female dogs in estrus (heat)
    • Sick or injured dogs or dogs with external parasites
    • Aggressive, uncontrollable dogs
    • Bicycles, roller blades or skates, skateboards, strollers, or any other wheeled or motorized devices. (Wheelchair access in Alternate Dog Park)
    • Children under 8 years old
    • Glass of any kind
    • Alcoholic beverages and smoking
    • Food (human or canine), see User Guide for details
    • Unsolicited sales activity of any kind
    • Firearms (weapons of any kind)
    • No breed discrimination
  17. Additional actions not permitted inside the dog park:
    • Run, wave arms, shout, scream, or cause unnecessary excitement which may antagonize the dogs
    • Sit, stand, climb on or over the fence, trees, water stations, or pools or agility equipment

Southwest City Dog Park is a self-directed playground with no day-to-day management supervision. In order to have a dog park facility that is relatively safe, clean, and fun – it is necessary for every SWCDP member to adhere to the dog park rules and to help enforce the rules by monitoring the playground and reporting issues that cannot be handled easily as they arise. This is a collective effort and success depends on you, the members. Members who fail to comply with SWCDP rules or fail to comply with directives from the Safety and Incident Committee regarding outcome from complaints or incident reports may have their membership either temporarily or permanently revoked.