Event Overview

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SWCDP 10 Year Anniversary Planning Committee worked for months to make sure our dog park on the big picture and supporting details for months – lots of discussions, meetings, errands, research and more. Their hard work created SWCDP’s largest and most successful event on October 8, 2016.


People With A Vision

In the beginning there was empty park land.  Some dog lovers had a vision of what could be.  Sharon, Heather, Missy, Pat and Cara (not pictured).  They contacted city officials, circulated petitions, had yard sales, found a sponsor, got donations and persuaded the City of St Louis to dedicate a portion of land in Willmore Park.  SW City Dog Park was born.  They came to celebrate their Vision’s 10th Birthday.  We owe them a lot.

Planning Our Event

This took a took a year to plan our big celebration.  We wanted to make it big but not too big.  Lots of decisions.  Sponsors, Booths, Games, Food, VIPs.  (Judi will write more)
(back row) Sue, Steve, Kay, Bob
(front row) Rosemary, Judi, Joan, Julie

Banner and Commemorative Shirts

We needed lots of volunteers to help the day of the event.  Lots of Members.  Friends of Members.  Relatives of Members.
Even the Boy Scouts helped us. Thanks Troop 535.

VIP Luncheon

 Awesome menu included plenty of hamburgers and hot dogs cooking all day on an enormous grill, many side dishes, dessert, and a never ending flow of beer, wine, soft drinks.

GREAT TURNOUT and NOTED GUESTS: We enjoyed seeing a steady stream of happy faces and wagging

tails all day. We were pleased to see many of our old friends who played significant roles in the early days of our dog park: Early founders, previous SWCDP Board Members, Alderman & State reps, St Louis City Parks Director, past members, current members & volunteers


We had a variety of booths that both 2 and 4-leggeds alike could visit and enjoy.
Take a look at some of the pictures from our various booths by clicking on the button.

See Our Booths
Photo Booth

SWCDP Volunteer and benefactor at work on our 10th Anniversary backdrop. Jerry and Mabel have been with the dog park since the beginning.


See the Pictures

Lots of games for the 4 leggeds. It’s their park and their party. They played Tether ball, went swimming, used their nose to find treats and used their tongues to lick peanut butter.

PB Licking
Cooling Off
Find the treat