Our big party is Saturday —- Monsters, and Mummies, and maybe, a little bit of “nice” mischief.

Hope you will join in the fun from 9am to 3pm. Attached is the flyer with event details.


Our volunteer team is shaping up but we could use a few more folks with two hour shifts to lighten the load. Our current team will be working longer hours until we get a bit more relief. So, if you – and/or a friend – can lend a hand, please let us know right away by signing up at our event volunteer sign up. At that link, you can tell us your preferred time slot (s) and task (s).



Yep, our event would benefit greatly if we could cobble together a few more folding tables. With so much activity and amenities – table top space is precious, and needed. Let us know if you have one to lend – be sure your name is on it – drop to Alternate area on Friday, pick up any time after 4pm on Saturday. Thanks!


Looks like event will be bookended with rain Wed/Thur and Mon/Tues — and who knows what Friday and Saturday will bring. Right now, Sat looks pretty good! Event will proceed even with a few sprinkles. Rain or wind may wreck our paper decorations but not our spirit. Fun will prevail. (an extended and heavy rain will cancel the event)


One of our 4-Legged members has picked up Giardia, and as always, since members spend a lot of time at the dog park – contracting this at SWCDP is a consideration. No need to panic or change your plans for attending our annual event on Saturday.

Understanding Giardia:

Giardia is a parasite that is that infects the intestinal tract.  It can cause diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss and lethargy.  Although many of those infected show no signs at all.  If you see any signs of take your pup to the vet.  Symptoms usually occur within 4-10 after being infected.  If left untreated symptoms usually clear up in a couple of months, but I can’t stress enough to get your pup to the vet.  It is easily diagnosed with a fecal sample and easily cleared up with antibiotics.

It’s even a good idea to give you dog a bath after they have finished their antibiotic treatment incase some parasites have hung onto their hair.

Giardia is usually spread by drinking contaminated water.  Pups run around in the park, jump in the pools and drink the water.  But, since our pups put everything in their mouths it can be spread by eating grass, eating dirt, picking up a ball, licking their paws, or licking themselves if they have rolled in the grass.  Our members do the best they can to keep feces picked up at the park, but just remember lots of other animals use the park as a bath room.  Rabbits, raccoons, squirrels, etc all can carry giardia.  There is really no way to get away from it.  And yes, it can be passed to human.  If your pup is infected, make sure you are very careful to wash your hands before putting them in your mouth.  Good news.  Freezing weather will kill the parasites in the ground.  Bad news.  New ones can be deposited by the wildlife.  It’s always with us.