The grounds look better than ever – you will love our green, thick turf. 

* Judi and Joan will be at the dog park from 7:00am until Noon on Saturday just in case we encounter any issues regarding the gate or fobs. 

But…there is so much to do. In seasons past, we had most of our renovation and upgrades done by Opening Day. Not this year. Between the capital improvements which included numerous delays and complications (all fixed now and looking fantastic!) and juggling volunteer time in between the never ending rain – well, our long To Do List still has many tasks on it. We will be seeking helpers this week as well as throughout the summer. 


Because there is so much happening – we ask that you check your email for dog park news on a weekly basis, especially in June/July. We will send additional info and volunteer requests in topic specific emails each Monday (or Tuesday). Please read these emails in full so you are well informed about your dog park. NOTE: See this week’s critical volunteer needs at end of today’s email.


All members in good standing have the same dog park access during normal hours. Your FOB is good for the entire season. Your FOB is good for each future season in which you renew your membership. It is not necessary to issue new FOBs each year. So take care of your FOB – and don’t lose it. There is a non-negotiable $25 replacement fee for each lost FOB. 

Do not let other members slip in while you have the gate open; each member must use their own FOB for entry. This rule addresses the fact that each member must be accountable for the actions of their group (dogs and humans) while using the dog park. So, as you are coming and going, simply stand back a bit – let the person ahead of you complete his/her entry or exit – then continue with yours. People leaving the dog park may certainly leave as a group because we do not log exits – you will not use your FOB to leave the dog park.

As part of SWCDP dog park management upgrade – we will have a real-time log of who is on the grounds at any given time. This is important. The activity roster will help us in identifying witnesses or others as needed during times of conflict, dog fights, or other issues that require management attention and member input. The roster will also help us identify peak usage and other trend lines.

**And it should go without saying – that as always – never, ever let non-members into the dog park. Never. Remember the SWCDP motto as stated in the rules: “No Tag, No Admittance, No Exceptions”. Misusing your FOB and your membership privilege could be grounds for membership suspension or termination. We work hard to keep a well maintained dog park – but we can only be successful in this quest when all members cooperate and follow the rules and protocols. Thank you for doing so. 


Effective immediately – our dog park will be closed every Tuesday from 8:00am until Noon (June through September, then, on as need basis). You may use dog park from 6:00am to 8:00am and then again at Noon until 10:00pm closing. This four hour window will be used for our contractor to cut the grass and trim, volunteers to do repairs/maintenance, and other contractors to perform tasks, as needed. 

Your FOB will not work – it will be de-activated – during the 8am to Noon window on Tuesdays. If you are in the dog park earlier Tuesday morning – you are to leave by 8am – this is an honor system and we are counting on all of our members to respect the new maintenance schedule. Do not allow others to enter the dog park upon your departing. We have instructed our contractors to report if they see members in the dog park during the four hour closed period.

To protect our turf – we may temporarily close the dog park if we have extremely wet conditions. During periods of heavy rain – you should always call the SWCDP Hotline to see if we are open/closed. 

HOTLINE 314/567-2012 Hit #2 option for update

DOG PARK TURF – Current Status and New Turf Improvements

For the first time in over ten years – we upgraded our grass seed selection – we used Tall Fescue 4 Way Blend – Stenson, Technique, Padre 2 and Kingdom. We also did a second seed spread in heavy traffic area a couple weeks after the initial spread. The combination of seed upgrade, late March turf renovation and the large amount of rain have all contributed to significantly improved turf condition. We have more turf news coming in future emails.


Thursday, May 30 – 9:30am to 11:30am — Small team needed for general gardening, weeding, mulching

Friday, May 31 – 4:00pm to 7:00pm (or ?) — Large team needed for multiple tasks – this is a big push to complete several tasks. Come any time during this time range – we need all the help we can get. If we do not get items on this list completed – we will need help Saturday morning to finish up.  NOTE: Good idea to bring or wear mosquito repellant, wear long pants/shirt, etc – it gets buggy at dusk.

  • Wheel in gravel from parking lot – to amend gangway; 
  • Wash trash cans, tables, chairs, pools; 
  • General gardening/weeding – pull weeds off fence, etc; 
  • Distribute tables, chairs, trash cans throughout park; 
  • Wipe down bag holders and refill
  • Other tasks to be determined

NO DOGS allowed on Friday – gates will be open, lots of work to do, no time to watch dog activity!

See ya ‘round the playground. Enjoy the season.

Arf, Arf ’til next time