As the BBQ grills and fireworks are revving up for the long July 4th weekend – we thought we’d keep this Monday E-Mail Blast short but at the same time – share a few stats we find interesting…maybe you will, too.

SWCDP 2019-2020 Season has just completed our first month – here is what the front gate activity looks like, per our new access control system. Bare in mind the extraordinary amount of rain we have had – surely making a big impact on our numbers. We will see how these stats change as we hopefully get some “normal” summer weather. Also, the stats will never be a precise count – factoring in members going in/out during the same visit. Even so, this gives us a good idea of developing trend lines. 


Total Entries: 


Busiest Day to Least Busy Day:

Sunday – 703
Saturday – 608
Thursday – 507
Monday – 440
Tuesday – 43
Friday – 308
Wednesday – 292

Weekend Activity:

June 1 and 2 – 520
June 8 and 9 – 230
June 15 and 16 – 186
June 22 and 23 – 130
June 29 and 30 – 245

We are getting feedback we don’t like. Yep, it’s the P O O P.

Please keep an eye on your dog – pick up the poop – immediately. If you see another dog poop and the owner does not see it – it is up to you to let the owner know. We ALL have a responsibility to keep our dog park well maintained. And, remember, you are in the right to alert the pooping dog’s owner. After all – every member agreed to picking up after their dog (s) when they signed the membership application. But, let’s face it, we have all been distracted at one point or another. No problem. 

When letting a member know their dog has pooped – please, stay courteous – don’t do it in an accusatory manner. Be nice. Simply say “Hey, your dog just pooped”. Give them a decent indication as to where the dog pooped, since the owner did not see it happen. Most of our members will appreciate the gesture as nobody wants to step in poop and worse yet bring it to the car or into our homes. And we don’t want our dogs licking their poopy paws or bringing it into the pools (dog do drink that water!). If a member takes issue with picking it up – then THAT member has a bigger problem… Let us know if you witness members deliberately refusing to clean up after their dog (s).

Enjoy your Holiday and your dog park.

Arf, Arf