Short update this week – coming off another round of extremely hot days – we want to share the following. Interesting info as it relates to dog safety and the heat.

Do You Know the “Five Second” Test?           

If you can place your hand flatly on the pavement and keep it there for five seconds, then – and only then – is it safe to walk your dog on the pavement. Careful with those walks on very hot days!

Do You Know How Quickly the Inside of Your Car Heats Up?

* Info provided by Debbie Gass, CVT, LSHC-S, Cattledog Publishing – organization carrying on the legacy of Dr. Sophia Yin, animal behaviorist.

Mark Your Calendars (and hope for dry weather!) – our first event of the season is coming in just 7 weeks…

Puppy Pool Party – Saturday, September 7 – times to be determined.

Action packed day in Alternate Dog Park, plenty of games and intrigue – and plenty of pools for those who like the water, too. Dogs 2 years and younger will be our “puppies” and our 4-Leggeds older then 2 will be our “role models” for the young pups. More details forthcoming but mark your calendar now.

Volunteers – Thank You!

We had a nice turnout responding to helping Bill as back up for emptying poop cans. We plan to hang on to the responses for future needs.

Still Need Helpers

We need more folks to help take move agility equipment off the turf on Monday evenings – all you have to do is put it in the corner of agility. And, helpers to set it back up either Tuesday afternoon or Tuesday evening.

A few people have offered – but we really need a few more because the intention is that the small groups can rotate the tasks as the needs or personal schedules change – we don’t want this to fall to only 2-3 members. Please, let us know if you can help.

Arf, Arf