Whelp, we sure tried. As you know – all weekend events were cancelled due to rain. We even had a couple tents up and scrambled to take down before a huge downpour and hail rolled in. Geez! We give up — for now. Next organized event will be our annual Puppy Pool Party – weekend after Labor Day. And we will reschedule the Agility Demo either late summer or early Fall. Watch for August emails with details.

We keep growing! As of June 24, we have:
  • 667 Dogs in 516 Households
  • 732 FOBs currently active
Housekeeping Reminders

Please continue to work together to manage the gate – make sure it closes and do not allow anyone in on your FOB, escort non-members (should they somehow get in) off the premises and invite them to apply for membership, follow appropriate hose and pool guidelines, and keep an eye on your pup – pick up the poop, help him find appropriate playmates, and keep moving – standing or sitting in one place creates dog tension, people tension, and kills the turf. Move around – and occasionally – move the benches and tables a few feet to keep the surrounding turf from taking a beating.

Three Key Topics This Week

  • Fireworks and Safety
  • Heat Threats
  • Rainbow Bridge
Fireworks and Other Scary Things

The Fourth of July weekend is fast approaching along with those pesky fireworks that frighten a lot of our 4-Leggeds. Fireworks, thunderstorms, and other loud unknowns are problematic for many pooches. Purina compiled a fast reading and very informative article to help us understand why it is scary and what to do. Every year, many dogs try to flee the noise and are hit by cars or lost. Keep your pooches indoors. Please read on…


Additionally, for those seeking additional tools – learning directly from the original inventors of the anxiety wrap and pet music therapy may be very beneficial. While we have not yet tried these things – they seem most promising. We realize different dogs will respond to different stimuli, but if any of you have experience with either – let us know how it worked for your dog.

The Original Anxiety Wrap


The Original Pet Music Therapy


Heat Threats: heat exhaustion and heat stroke

It’s hot – and gonna get hotter! We have had serious heat related situations at the dog park, wobbly, collapsing pooches – don’t let this happen to your best buddy. Brachycephalic dogs are extremely susceptible to heat related problems.

Our dogs play hard at the dog park and don’t recognize their activities are causing  them to overheat. And they do not sweat so only panting can help them cool down – usually not enough in extreme weather or extreme play. The 4-Leggeds count on the 2-Leggeds to keep them well hydrated. Please refill the white drinking buckets and small bowls frequently and distribute in Main and Alternate. 

Symptoms of trouble

Excessive panting, hyperventilation, thick saliva, anxiety, glassy eyes, dark /bright red tongue and gums, staggering, stupor, seizures, vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding, coma

Heat exhaustion can lead to a heat stroke if left untreated – and once a dog has had heat exhaustion they are more susceptible to it in the future. Pay attention to your dog.

What to do

Lower dog’s temperature, douse him with cool (not cold) water, apply wet towels to head, stomach, feet, “armpits” . Blow as much cool air as possible (maybe the car’s a/c vents) on way to Vet, if necessary. 

Better yet – keep visits short during extreme heat, try for early morning or evening visits when possible – skip your visit when temps are extreme.

Rainbow Bridge

A new SWCDP program, our Rainbow Bridge Wall. You may have noticed it in the entry area near front gate. In our 13th year of operation, SWCDP has had many wonderful dogs start as pups and grow old and cross to Rainbow Bridge during their time at the dog park. Others, sadly, have been fantastic newbies or shorter term members who have also for a variety of tragic reasons, passed over to the Rainbow Bridge. All a great loss to their owners who considered them part of their families – and a loss for many SWCDP members who considered them friends.

So…..we created the SWCDP Rainbow Bridge Wall. We invite those who have had a dog as a SWCDP member and passed over to the Rainbow Bridge – to put a name tag on our wall as a forever memorial. This is retroactive, so all dog members from 2006 to today are eligible. We need to have guidelines to ensure the program works properly, is sustainable, and is fair to all members. So, please respect the guidelines.

  • Name tag may be the original name tag or one specially made for the Rainbow Bridge Wall
  • It must not exceed 1.25 inch by 1.25 inch 
  • Name tag may say anything you wish – simply the dogs name and years of life or dog park membership – or any memorial comments you wish.
  • To qualify – dog must have been a SWCDP member. 
  • Only name tags qualify – no ribbons, balloons, etc. A standard name tag is the base line – but the tag may be very simple with a name or have unique or creative engravings as owner wishes
  • Before attaching tag to SWCDP Rainbow Bridge Wall: Contact Judi or Joan so that we may add your dog to the Rainbow Bridge master list for our record keeping.

If you prefer a more custom type tag – here is one of many places that will give you a unique set of choices. We have not used them and cannot vouch for their service or quality but liked their variety.


Well, that’s it til next week. Enjoy the dog park – try visiting at different times so you can meet new dogs and make new friends.

Arf, Arf