One 2 days left . . . Don’t miss out on getting great dog park gear

Show you are a proud member of our wonderful dog park community by wearing your SWCDP sweatshirts, hoodies, hats, shirts, and more around town – and – help us with ongoing fund raising efforts as well.

Check out the large selection of goodies at our webstore.

We will place a Master Order on Wednesday and the webstore will accept orders until midnight on Tuesday, November 5. Dog park gear makes really fun Holidays gifts, too!

NOTE: In order to get production cost discounts to support our fund raising efforts, we have to meet a minimum threshold – and we only order 3 times per year. Next opportunity will be February-March.

ALERT: Kennel Cough

One of our young 4-Legged members came down with Kennel Cough (Bordetella) last week – this was before our Halloween event and she has not returned to the dog park while under treatment. If you notice your dog has persistent, deep coughing – sounds like a goose honk – or reverse sneezing….please seek Vet treatment. An antibiotic will speed up the recovery, although, most dogs will overcome in 3-6 weeks on their own.

Bordetella is highly contagious – which is why we require the vaccine. However, just like flu shots for humans – it is not full proof. If you want to learn more about this contagious disease, check out this article.

Kennel Cough Info

Halloween Event – Nov 2 

Thanks to all who helped and all who participated in this year’s Fall Celebration and Halloween Contests. Our turn out was awesome, weather fantastic but cold – lots of fun had by all.
We are working on after event details. Please watch for upcoming emails with event summary, winner announcements, and more.

Work Around the Dog Park

We are replacing the boards at our entry – please be careful going in and out while the work is being done.
The sprinkler system and Water Stations 2, 3, 4 will be shut off on Thursday, November 7. At that point – Water Station 1 will be your source for filling drink buckets (the winter black buckets); Water Station 5 (Dog Wash) will be your water source for the drink buckets in Alternate.

Lost and Found

Lots of things piling up in the Lost & Found (blue container in entry area) – if you lost anything recently, please check it out.


Arf, Arf