Agility Demo

Only a couple more days left to register for this free event – so if interested – you really need to reserve your slot NOW. It is First Come, First Serve with limited twenty minute time slots – check it out . . .

Agility Demo Dates

  • Saturday, September 21 – 10:00am to Noon
  • Sunday, September 22 – 1:00pm to 3:00pm

If the system allows you to register – that is the confirmation that you are officially signed up. A couple days prior to the event, you will get an email from Judi to confirm your 20 minute time slot within your selected date.

Agility Tips

If you have not yet received the SWCDP Agility Tip Guide – please go to this link for an excellent list of tips to help you enjoy our agility course with your 4-Legged, complements of our member, Betsy, who is a top notch agility trainer. We want all of our members to enjoy our agility course – so even if you are not participating in the Agility Demo – you will benefit from picking up a few tips from the guide. It’s really lots of fun for your 4-Legged – and you, too. 

Betsy’s Agility Tips

Puppy Pool Party

We are struggling to post a few photos on our website due to insufficient photos. We have no photos of the pools being enjoyed or the tether ball in action and no photos for the Winner and Runner Up from the 10:0am Peanut Butter Licking Contest or the name (we have photo) of the Runner Up from the 1:00pm contest.

For the record – we had six pools set up – but amazingly, no one took photos (or sent to us) any pool pics of our pool party. Trust us – our water loving dogs – did indeed enjoy dipping into every pool.

Last call for pics – do you have a couple shots that are particularly cute or expressive – or that will help us with our Event Photo Essay? We are trying to tell the story in pictures… Send today!


  • Tuesday Morning Closing
    • Remember, dog park is closed Tuesdays from 8:00am to Noon – to allow for grass cutting and other maintenance work.
  • Pools and Hoses
    • Pools and Hoses will be put away for the season on Sunday, mid-day, Sept 22.
    • In seasons past, we kept the pools until late October – but this year – we are forced to close early. The City Parks Dept has inquired about the extremely muddy area on their field near our pool pad (Water Station 3). This is due to our humans running the hose too much and emptying the pools too frequently. We have asked members to be frugal with the water consumption because the excess water has nowhere to go – it accumulates in the surrounding soil. The conditions have gotten so bad now that the City cannot ride their mowers in the muddy area!
  • Winter Schedule Coming
    • Water Stations 2, 3, 4 will be closed November 4 (you can fill water buckets directly from faucets at Stations 3 and 4 until then)
    • Water Station 1 will open November 4
    • Water Station 5 (Dog Wash) remains open year round
  • Set up for Halloween Event – begins in late October
  • Winter Shelter in Main – early to mid November
  • Winter Climbing Maze in Main – early to mid November
  • Straw Bales for turf coverage – early to mid November