Are you ready to pawty? Wanna win a Jeep?

Our favorite time of year is here – take a look at what we have in store for you, below are final details – hope you will join the festivities . . . Saturday will be dry and sunny; don’t miss out on the fun because of colder temps – we will have plenty of hot coffee, hot tea and hot cider – along with other water and soft drinks to enhance our yummy lunch menu.

Check out more info regarding The Wet Nose Project at the end of this email…and more Jeep contest details, too.

10 – 3, Saturday, November 2

We ask that only member dogs who are comfortable in crowds and are not resource aggressive attend this event. There will be lots of pup excitement, new dogs and humans to meet, and plenty of treats and intoxicating smells for our 4-Leggeds.

Even if your pooch is not coming – you should consider coming solo or with your human family. Check out the activities for future events for your pup, enjoy the camaraderie of hanging with your dog park friends, have “Lunch on Us”.  And, maybe, win a prize in our Attendance Drawing or Guessing Games (all free!).

If you and/or your pooch are coming:

    • Exercise your dog before entering Alternate Dog Park
    • Please – do not enter the event until after 10:00am – we need every pre-event minute for set up – human & dog guests will hinder our work.
    • We have 4 benches and 2 picnic tables for attendees to share – but you may bring your own lawn chair if you wish.
    • If your dog gets too excited, enjoy the event in multiple, short intervals – take a break by going in Main area or a short walk in Willmore Park. Don’t overload your pooch. There is a lot of activity and things to do and eat – take your time!
    • Keep an eye on your pooch; remember to pick up the poop.

When you arrive:

    • Start at Main Table – Booth 1
    • Get a name tag to help others get to know you and remember your name
    • Register your dog or cupcakes if you are participating in either contest
    • Get a number for the Photo Booth (whether Contestant or Just for Fun)
    • Fill out raffle ticket (free) for our Attendance Drawings – one per household
    • Fill out Guessing Games (two questions) – one guess per question per household
    • Winners will be notified via email after the event; do not need to be present to win

SWCDP Merchandise:

While most of our activities are free – we do sell dog park merchandise as an ongoing fund raiser. Plenty of inventory variety will be available, cash and carry. We will also take special orders at Booth 1. SWCDP will place a master order on Nov 5 – so this is a great time to get exactly what you want if you don’t see it on display.

Check out all the special order options at our webstore.

  • If you are not coming to Halloween event but want to order merchandise – you can do so online, credit cards taken.
  • If you are coming to the Halloween event – we prefer you manually place your special order at Booth 1 – and pay cash or check (no credit cards at event).

Restroom and Sink:

Located in front at the end of the ramp – we have rented an ADA size restroom and a sink with water and paper towels –will be available during our event. Please be sure that door stays closed to keep off-leash dogs and other critters out

We still need a few more helpers – mostly during the 1:00 to 3:00 slots – and another table or two would be very useful

Click link above link if you can volunteer or contact us directly if you have a table.

NOTE: We have one folding table via a member – but it does not have a name on it. If you dropped off a loaner table earlier this week – please let us know so we can put your name on it for easy return.

for the Humans
11:00am to 2:00pm

    • Chili (homemade)
    • Hotdogs – and a fixings bar to load up your dogs
    • Potato Salad and Coleslaw
    • Green Salad (Pasta House Style)
    • Pasta Salad (meatless)
    • Mini-bun sandwiches (meat and meatless variety)
    • Tortilla chips and salsa
    • Dessert (homemade cupcakes from the Cupcake Contest)
    • Bottled water, misc soft drinks, hot coffee, tea, cider

COSTUME CONTEST – for the Dogs

and JUST FOR FUN – for Everyone
To qualify for costume contest:

    • Only dog costumes that have been pre-planned will qualify for contest
    • Costumes can be homemade, hand-me-downs, recycled from last year, or store bought
    • Primary criteria is that an effort was made to come to event with a costume
    • Dog does not need to come dressed; you can dress your dog in the holding area just before your photo session
    • Sign in at Booth 1 upon arrival
    • Record both dog name and costume description in registration
    • Get your Photo Booth number
    • Wait for your number to be called for photo session

First Place – $50 Gift Certificate for Biggie’s Restaurant
Second Place – $25 Gift Certificate for Biggie’s Restaurant
Third Place – $15 Gift Certificate for Biggie’s Restaurant

Just For Fun – What is this???

The Just for Fun element is another amenity of the Photo Booth – and – is as the name suggests. Humans and dogs dressed up with these props do not qualify for the Costume Contest prizes (see above explanation). It’s Just for Fun. However, if you have officially entered your dog (s) in the Costume Contest but want to add some personal glitz for yourself, feel free to pick some fun stuff from the Props Table – Anything Goes!

SWCDP Prop’s Table is loaded with a huge variety of items….some donated costumes for the dogs, but mostly a large variety of goodies for humans who want to get silly and join the fun (hats, beads, face masks, headbands, feathers, and more). Anyone visiting the Photo Booth is welcomed to use any of the props for their photo session, dogs or humans, whether using Just for Fun or as extra glitz for the humans who have entered their dog (s) in the costume contest.

We will offer three small prizes for the best Just for Fun photo. which is separate from the Costume Contest.

First Place – Bag Chicken Jerky for 4-Legged; 2 SWCDP Koozies for 2-Legged
Second Place – Bag Chicken Jerky for 4-Legged; 2 SWCDP Koozies for 2-Legged
Third Place – Bag Chicken Jerky for 4-Legged; 2 SWCDP Koozies for 2-Legged

NOTE: Winners will be determined by our members at-large in mid-late November; one ballot per household. SWCDP will publish a ballot with photos and send to all current members (members need not attend the event to qualify to vote). Winners will be notified by email with directions for prize pick up. The ballot will have two sections: Costume Contest and Just for Fun

CUPCAKE CONTEST – for the Humans

We encourage our members who enjoy baking to participate in this event. Most of us love home baked goodies – please share your baking skills with us. This is an opportunity to win a great prize while also helping us provide delicious treats for our Refreshment Booth dessert table.
First Place – SWCDP 2020-2021 Membership (one dog) – $47-62 value
Second Place – SWCDP Hoodie or Sweatshirt – $30-37 value
Third Place – SWCDP Hat, Cap, or Tote – $18 value

To qualify for cupcake contest:

    • Only homemade cupcakes (no store bought)
    • Cupcakes must have any type of Halloween or Fall themed decoration
    • Provide 12 cupcakes
    • Cupcakes must be standard size – no jumbo or mini
    • Submit cupcakes on Nov 2 between 10am to 1pm (earlier the better since some will be served on dessert table)
    • Sign in at Booth 1
    • Our Cupcake Contest Manager, Brooke, will assist you
    • Log in your name and cupcake description
    • Be sure a photo is taken of your cupcakes before you leave Booth 1
    • 2 cupcakes reserved for Judging Panel of Five
    • 10 cupcakes served to event guests on the dessert table (Booth 3)
    • Judging scheduled for 2:30 pm

NOTE: Winners will be selected by end of event and will be notified via email with instructions for prize pick up. It is not necessary for you to be there for the judging.

OTHER PRIZES – for the Humans

Attendance Drawing – three winners!
First Place – $30 Gift Certificate to Imo’s Pizza
Second Place – $25 Gift Certificate to Schnuck’s
Third PlaceBottle of wine ($25 value)

Guessing Games – two winners!

First Question Winner – Starbucks Gift Basket
Second Question Winner – Starbucks Gift Basket

NOTE: Attendance drawing winners will be determined at 3pm; Guessing Games winners determined after event. All winners will be notified via email with instructions for prize pick up – you do not need to be at the event at time of winner selection.

SWCDP Guest Booth

Who doesn’t love a wet nose?

Since we are all dog lovers and so many of us have or have had dogs from a variety of rescue and adoption organizations – we thought you might like to learn about a new organization with big plans to make a major impact for homeless Metro area canines – dogs (& cats) with the most desperate needs.

You can learn about the Wet Nose Project (rescue support, training support dogs for Veterans, canine hospice home) by visiting their website.
The Founder (s) of the Wet Nose Project will have a booth at our November 2 event. Please drop by the booth to learn more details about what they have going on….

We particularly like the fact that they give top priority to distributing funds directly to Veterinarians on behalf of homeless dogs with the most severe medical needs. Many of these dogs would be euthanized due to lack of rescue organization funds. It is a sad and true fact that most of the rescue groups are also managed by volunteers and always run on a shoe string budget, frequently with a deficit. There are simply not enough available funds for all of the medical and surgical care needed – so the Wet Nose Project is there to save a few more innocent animals that might not otherwise have a chance for a new life.

Jeep Raffle

Who wants to win a Jeep Wrangler?

Check out the video . . .

No pressure to buy a raffle ticket – but – for those who might like to direct a small donation to this organization while at the same time having a chance (or multiple chances!) to win a Jeep….tickets will be available at The Wet Nose Project “Booth 7” in Alternate Dog Park during our Nov 2 event. You can also make any kind of donation, large or small, at our event booth or at their website.

One ticket – $20
Six tickets – $100

Hope to see you all at the event. Remember – there is plenty to do even if Halloween is not your thing…come and make new friends and visit your regular pals, too.