Southwest City Dog Park is very happy to be able to provide a small Library to helps it’s members learn more about their dogs.  Members can borrow any of these titles (1 at a time) for a 2 week period.

We are very proud to have several DVD’s by Dr. Ian Dunbar.  Dr. Dunbar is a veterinarian, animal behaviorist, and dog trainer.  We, also, have several books on puppy training and dog training in general.  Below is a list of what what we offer.



  • Sirius Puppy Training – Explore the Sirius training method.  Off leash and reward training method for puppies.
  • Sirius Adult Dog Training – Explains how to teach adolescent and adult dogs by controlling the dogs energy and gain attention
  • Who Trains Whom – Examines the relationships people have with their dogs and how dogs training their people
  • Dog Aggression (Biting) – Dealing with aggression, their causes and modifying their the behavior
  • Dog Aggression (Fighting) – How to access whether your dog has a dangerous fighting problem


  • Dog Watching by Desmond Morris – Why dogs bark and everything else you ever wanted to know
  • Behavior Problems in Dogs by William Campbell – Discusses many canine behavior problems
  • Solving Your Dog Problems by Michael Tucker – Explains how problems are caused and how they can be prevented
  • Mother Knows Best by Carol Lea Benjamin – A training regime based on the pack dynamics and how mother trains their pups
  • The Invisible Leash by Myrna M Milani, DVM – Training based on knowledge and understanding and creating a bond between you and your dog
  • ESP and Your Pet by Scott Rogo – Discover your pet’s hidden psychic powers
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