A reminder about SWCDP Turf Management Program tomorrow at 6:30pm. We hope you can join us in Alternate Dog Park. This presentation and Q&A will be helpful for anyone who

  • Wants to learn more about dog park turf and calendar plans
  • Wants to learn more about TruGreen, SWCDP chosen contractor
  • Wants to pick up general grass development tips
  • Has concerns about herbicides or other turf products or services
  • Would like to meet other dog park members who may not be at dog park during your usual visits

Good idea to bring your own lawn chair & soft drink and bug spray. Please keep chairs 6 feet apart for social distancing, masks at your own discretion.

We’d like to complete the session within 45-60 minutes – so, please, no dogs in Alternate between 6:30 and 7:30….Bring a doggie watcher and let 4-Leggeds play in Main during that time frame so we have no distractions or interruptions during the meeting.

TruGreen Presentation
Wednesday, September 15


Alternate Dog Park
September 15
6:30pm to 7:30pm
Please, no dogs at the meeting


 Have you noticed weeds have smothered all the gorgeous grass we had in July?

Find out what we plan to do about it.

SWCDP will give an overview of what the season and adjusted calendar will be. Important information regarding opening and closing dates. What we are doing. Why we are doing so.
TruGreen will give an overview of the new turf management program. Paul Eason, our primary commercial turf contact, will further explain how we put the program together, why we made specific decisions, and what we believe a reasonable expectation for improved turf will be.
We will wrap up the meeting with a Q&A session so that Paul may address any issues or concerns our members may have.
Please join us. You might pick up a few tips for your own lawn care as you learn more about our SWCDP turf plans.
Bring your own lawn chair. Either leave your dog (s) at home or bring a doggie supervisor to watch your dog in Main playground area while one of your household members attends the meeting.
SWCDP Fall Turf Renovation
Happening in six days!
Dog Park Fall Closing
Sunday, September 20

* Re-opening TBD, depending on rate of turf development – likely 4-5 weeks.