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Halloween Games and Winners


After event activities are a big deal, time consuming – and we think worth the effort. Here are the next phases of the event wrap up.

  • Costume Contest Ballot and Voting – November 26
  • Close of Voting – December 4
  • Announcement and Photos of Winners – December 12
  • Final Event Summary & Photo Gallery – December 12


We still do not have enough photos of the event. Will those of you who attended the party, please send us a few of your favorite shots for our Photo Gallery that will be on SWCDP website? We are looking for great solo and group shots as well as photos that show the various booths, decorations, etc.


More Kennel Cough

Another member reported their dog diagnosed with kennel cough (Bordetella) this week. He also shared that he overheard another member say his dog was coughing then got better…. We do not know the circumstances – but want to remind everyone that if you suspect your dog is infected – you owe it to the health and safety of your canine as well as your dog park friends – to seek Vet treatment and advice. Please do not self diagnose. We do not want an epidemic at Southwest City Dog Park.

(For more info on this topic, see SWCDP member email dated 11/04/19) or go to our Member Blog for 11/04/19 Member Blog

Community Message Board

SWCDP Community Board has been rebuilt and installed over the weekend. This is strictly for member usage. A place to post notes that are dog-centric, like lost dogs, needs for adoption, needs for pet sitters/walkers, etc. Also, posting of general things that might be of interest to our members, items sought or for sale, job leads, event notifications that are dog related, etc.  Please, absolutely, no political, religious, or potentially controversial postings. Postings may stay up for maximum 60 days.

Winter Shelter and Climbing Maze for Main

Coming this week. If you see volunteers working on either – ask if you can lend a hand.