SWCDP never stops looking for improvement opportunities. Here is first of three emails on their way to you – please read on . . .

Successful Tree Removal

Stump Grinding Next

Very Impressive

St Louis City Forestry successfully removed the large cottonwood tree in the Main Playground – Phase 1. We watched as they worked – the crew had total control over the falling limbs – which were huge – they did not even have to move our benches as they knew exactly where to drop each limb.


We will schedule Phase 2 – the grinding out of the remaining tree stump. At this time we do not have a date set up. TBD.

Extended Closure – Tuesday,September 8

Our usual maintenance closing (8am-Noon) will be extended.

Close 8:00am on Tuesday
Re-open at 6:00am on Wednesday

Dog Park will be open, as usual, 6:00am to 8:00am on Tuesday for those who are able to get in a quick visit prior to the maintenance closing.

Activities for the day . .

Grass cutting and trimming.

Weed* and Feed application

Gardening and clean-up



* TruGreen protocol for herbicide application is to wait 4 hours. SWCDP chooses to use an abundance of caution – so we will close DP until following morning. For those who have additional concerns, we recommend you wait however long you feel necessary before you bring your dog (s) back to the dog park. Your dog, your call.

Volunteers Needed on Tuesday – 9:00am to Noon – September 8

Gardening / Clean-Up crew to work on Tuesday morning while we are closed. No dogs allowed.

Bring your own tools. Remember to keep social distance while working. Masks – use your judgment – usually good idea to have one with you. SWCDP will provide yard waste bags and cooler of bottled water.

Parks Commissioner Visit – September 9 to 11
Let’s get our dog park in good shape

Sometime between 9/9-9/11  St Louis City Parks Commissioner will be dropping by our dog park for a tour of the property. SWCDP has a  meeting with the City each year but due to Covid19 and other issues, our meeting was postponed. During the site visit – we will present some of our ideas mentioned in our tentative 5 Year Plan…and we will update our members over the next couple months or so of proposed improvements for the short and long term. Fingers, Toes, and Paws all crossed for good luck.

If you wish to review our ideas – based on previous member input and brainstorming – please remember this is a Wish List for planning and fundraising purposes. After approval, we still need to develop realistic plans and find ways to fund each project. Click link for more details.

TruGreen Presentation – Wednesday, September 15

Alternate Dog Park
September 15
6:30pm to 7:30pm


Please, no dogs at the meeting

Have you noticed weeds have smothered all the gorgeous grass

we had in July? Find out what we plan to do about it.

SWCDP will give an overview of what the season and adjusted  calendar will be. Important information regarding opening and closing dates. What we are doing. Why we are doing so.

TruGreen will give an overview of the new turf management program. Paul Eason, our primary commercial turf contact, will further explain how we put the program together, why we made specific decisions, and what we believe a reasonable expectation for improved turf will be.

We will wrap up the meeting with a Q&A session so that Paul may address any issues or concerns our members may have.

Please join us. You might pick up a few tips for your own lawn care as you learn more about our SWCDP turf plans.

Bring your own lawn chair. Either leave your dog (s) at home or bring a doggie supervisor to watch your dog in Main playground area while one of your household members attends the meeting.

Fall Turf Renovation – Renovation Period Begins Sept 21
Dog Park to close
10:00pm Sunday, September 20

Re-opening date to be determined by turf development progress. Current plan is to dedicate 4-5 weeks for this part of the turf plan. Date to be announced.

Fall turf renovation begins Monday morning September 21, 2020

Remember, your current SWCDP membership is good through Labor Day of next year, 2021

Turf Management Improvements Making it better
Season 2020-2021 is our first year dedicated to implementing a major turf management improvement program. And, we were very excited about changes and plans presented to our members a few months ago.

But presenting info never stops us from continuously looking for improvement opportunities. We have been very busy over the past month seeking such improvements.

Good news is we have found a way for ongoing and upgraded turf applications while at the same time removing that long 10 week closing period that everyone dislikes immensely.

In a nutshell – we will close for a 4-5 week period each Fall and each Spring – and have a full day closing from time to time, as needed, for weed control, aeration, or other special services.

Members will be informed with more details during the TruGreen meeting on 9/15/20 and in an updated Blog post before year end summarizing meeting information.

If you need more details . . .

Review previously published SWCDP communiqués for the initial turf plans

Part OneTurf Management Program & New Season Dates, April 16, 2020


Part TwoTurf Management Program & Details, May 4, 2020


The calendar in the above publications has been changed. Season will always close day after Labor Day but the schedule of turf services will vary, as needed.

Fall Turf Renovation – Renovation Period Begins Sept 21

Fall turf renovation begins Monday morning September 21, 2020Remember, your current SWCDP membership is good through Labor Day of next year, 2021

Dog Park to close
10:00pm -Sunday, September 20

Re-opening date to be determined by turf development progress. Current plan is to dedicate 4-5 weeks for this part of the turf plan. Date to be announced.

Re-Cap – Mark Your Calendars Now

Tuesday – 9/8 – Dog Park Closed from Tues at 8am until Wed 9/9 at 6am
Tuesday – 9/8 – Volunteers needed for gardening and clean up – between 9am to Noon
Wednesday thru Friday – 9/9 thru 9/11 – Parks Commissioner visit
Wednesday – 9/15 TruGreen Presentation
Monday – 9/21 – Fall Closing for Turf Renovation
Mid-Late October TBD – Dog Park Re-opening
More info coming your way via email over the weekend and early next week. Please watch for them.

See ya ‘round the playground.