Five Year Plan / Wish List

SWCDP Improvement Plan

Website Upgrade, Launch Spring 2020   (started 2019-2020 season; completed 2020-21 season)

  • Template upgrade and major back-end improvements and repair, focus primarily on membership registration process, database management, access control records; more user-friendly and smart phone appropriate.

Turf Management, Year-Round Program (begins 2020-21 season, ongoing)

  • Major changes to be announced prior to new season registration. Ongoing turf treatments, transitioning to fall instead of spring closing, and eventual shortening, if not eliminating the need for long-term closing. Exciting news coming soon.

Front Overhang,  Front Gate Entry  (started 2019-2020 season; completed 2020-21 season)

  • Replacement, original overhang taken down during 2019 fence install.
    • Function First: Keeps weather elements off the FOB rfid system as well as community message board, plastic boxes, signage.
    • Aesthetics Second: Completes definition of entry area adding focus on Signage & Info Box Handouts for general public.

Climbing Maze, Main Playground

  • Permanent amenity to offer year round enjoyment. Sustainable materials, multiple climbing & chasing features including seating for humans. Last year for temporary straw maze – 2018-2019; destroys any chance for turf to bounce back following season – permanent installation way to go. Will consider smaller version for Alternate playground in future.

Gangway Walk, Entry to Main

  • Replace stepping stones which are unstable for walking and not wide enough for group traffic. Alternative materials as well as possibly eliminating grass in that area being considered.

Fence, Repair and Replacement

  • Chain link fence will require chain link replacement – Long term project, may do in segments; hope to begin in 2021-2022.

Maintenance Building, On-site Storage

  • Large capacity storage is necessary; SWCDP supplies scattered at various volunteer homes, plus in an off-site (for fee) storage locker. We need to pull everything together, on-site, so that all volunteers can access items, as needed per task. Locked with permission only access.

Irrigation System, Convert to Electric System

  • Improve reliability; currently runs on batteries. Our underground system will be audited this year – we occasionally have issues with certain sprinkler sections not working properly. Once we have a permanent maintenance building – we plan to upgrade to electric and move system controls to the new building.

Water Stations

  • Replacements will be needed; Water Stations 2 and 3 are rusting out. We replaced water bowl at Station 4 with a regular faucet in 2019.

Security Cameras, Entrance & Gangway

  • Safety, trespassing, accountability aspects to be improved with security cameras to cover areas where most of the issues happen – in/around entry way and gang way leading into Main. Having a visual of the occurrence would greatly assist in evaluating what happened, who did what when.

Straw Supply, Storage

  • Ongoing straw supply will be convenient to have on-site rather than waiting for special straw deliveries – used for muddy areas as well as gardening maintenance. After supplies (in storage area left of Water Stations 1 & 2 (River Des Peres side) are moved to new Maintenance Building – this area will be converted to a storage area for straw bales. Already a functioning area – just add a roof to it.

Pavilion, Main Playground

  • Multiple seating, large enough capacity for humans to congregate in a covered area. Will have clear, Plexiglas walls as wind barriers during cold weather; walls taken down in warm weather for maximum air circulation.

Agility Expansion

  • Two phase project, likely. First, make area slightly larger and add a few more agility features (e.g. walk board, A-Frame, etc). Second, eventually replace grass with a substrate that would not require mowing – so we could eliminate the need to move agility items weekly for grass cutting.

Doggie Water Park

  • Fenced-in area, allow humans to have more control on when dog can get wet. Large enough area for human seating. Add water sprays, misters, and pools. Safety features. Massive project including waste water drainage, electrical features, and more.