Everyone is expected to follow all guidelines every time they visit our dog park

The SWCDP Covid-19 Safety Plan was developed using the parameters that it be realistic to the realities of life on the dog park playgrounds and be on a level playing field with other Metro area dog park guidelines. We communicated with 10 area dog parks (City and County). One of the key tenets at SWCDP has always been Safety First.

A condensed guideline version will be posted throughout the dog park and is posted on our website: https://swcitydogpark.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Covid19-SAFETY-PLAN-2020.pdf

Please help us by encouraging all our members to abide by the following . . .

Responsibility and Accountability

Key Elements for Success

All members agreed when signing registration and  waiver that they understand using SWCDP is “at your own risk”. SWCDP provides specific operational rules based on City Ordinance 66595 and now, additionally, Covid-19 guidelines. SWCDP management provides operational management and oversight to run the dog park as efficiently and safely as possible – but in the end – everyone must take responsibility for their own human and canine actions. We do not have official supervision on site. You, the members, are expected to follow both the Membership rules as well as the Covid-19 Guidelines – and help us enforce all of it by monitoring activity on the playground during your visits.

  • Do not come to dog park if you are sick, have Covid-19 or have reason to be quarantined
  • Remember – if you need to cough or sneeze – cover your mouth

Access Control System – An added benefit to having our system is that we have an activity log that shows members accessing the gate by date and time – this historical data is kept in SWCDP records.

As always – extremely important that members use their FOB for their household only. NEVER, ever, let anyone outside your household in with your fob (grounds for having your membership terminated). People coming in without swiping their membership FOB will not be registered in the access log – this is a problem – it undermines our efforts to keep tabs on who is on the dog park grounds. If any aspect of Covid-19 becomes an issue as it relates to SWCDP – or we have a serious dog fight or other safety issue – we need to know who was at the dog park at any given time.

Arrivals and Departures

Front Yard, Entry Area, Main Gangway

  • Arriving members use front ramp for entry line
  • Departing members use front steps (railed area)
  • Leash & unleash dogs in Entry Area – Only one household in Entry Area at a time
  • Gangway – same principal – keep right on stepping stones upon arrival and walk on side nearest front fence upon departure.

We realize the dogs will have their own idea about this – so keep dogs on leash prior to entering dog park; take leash off dogs in Entry Area. Please don’t leash your dog while moving through the gangway – it will only lead to dog fear and aggression – and possibly a dog fight. Just do the best you can to keep everyone moving, whether going in or out. Gangway is no place to play or stop to talk – keep moving!

Social Distancing

Main and Alternate Playgrounds

We suggest you do not pet other dogs – or, ask permission from the dog owner, and abide by their preference

  • Keep distance from humans other than own household
  • Keep moving – Do not stay in one place during visit
  • Don’t crowd Gangway in Main, take turns

Standard 6 ft is ok inside the playground

Arrival & Departure areas may require more than 6 ft



Limit Less Than 50% of Official Capacity
SWCDP generally self-manages the capacity issue very well. Most members go home when there are too many dogs and energy level gets too high. The number of humans with dogs will vary but if we keep the dog number at these guidelines – the human element will fall into place.

  • No more than 30 dogs on Main playground
  • No more than 10 dogs on Alternate playground
  • If either is full – wait outside or come back later
Sanitation and Self-Sufficiency

Keeping Clean – Keeping Safe
The “wipe down” issue for dog parks is a challenge – constant wiping down after each use is not practical. So, instead, we have attempted to eliminate some of the activities with the highest “touch frequency”.  Obviously, some things, such as touching the gates or pools/hoses cannot be eliminated – so use your own judgment where needed and sanitize as you see fit.  Pinesol, bleach, sponges and scrubbers are in the vertical storage unit to the left of Water Stations 1 and 2 – or bring your own supplies. Don’t leave anything out where dogs might get it.

  • Masks: Suggested but not required during general play
  • Hand Sanitizers / Wipes: Bring your own
  • Toys: Bring your own balls, frisbees, pull ropes – take home when you leave. Toys left on grounds will be discarded
  • Dog Drinking Vessels: Bring your own bowl and take home, don’t leave it

NOTE – Masks: Members should have a mask with them even if they choose not to wear it most of the time. We know – it gets hot. If you need to break up a dog scuffle – you and other humans will be face to face – and in that type of situation we strongly recommend that you put on your mask. Be considerate of others as well as for your own safety.

NOTE – Buckets: We strongly encourage you to bring your dog’s own drink container – but because it is imperative to keep all dogs well hydrated – we will have limited white drinking buckets & small bowls in Main and Alternate. Please help keep that water refreshed – inevitable to get dog spit, grass and dirt in the water, and heads up – we have a few dogs that pee on the buckets!


Cancelled Until Further Notice

  • Agility Course will be closed. Initially, we will keep it closed as we do repair work to the turf and then we will open up the space for additional play area or time outs, as needed.
  • Agility Demos & Tutoring and other training events
  • Social Events: Kick-Off, Puppy Pool Party, Halloween Celebration and Others

The only exception:

Tiny Paws / Big Play (TPBP) .in Alternate Playground

Play dates for members with pups 25 lbs and under will still be available –
but with dog limit to 10 at a time.

  • Tuesday & Thursday: 6:00pm to 8:00pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: 9:00am to 11:00am

All Covid-19 Guidelines must be followed

Social distancing for humans required


If you need a refresher or need to read for the first time – here are links to previous emails with important dog park info. This info will always be available on the SWCDP Blog.

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See ya ‘round the playground.