We see lots of smiling faces and wagging tails – and we know from member comments that everyone is happy to be back on SWCDP playground. Appreciate the positive feedback and member support for our decisions and pre-season work.

Some may ask, “Why do you keep talking about rules?”

Whelp, because almost daily the volunteers handling SWCDP management get side tracked from their regular daily tasks to deal with members who jump the track. It is very time and energy consuming to keep “fixing” things or solving problems that could have been avoided simply by everyone following the SWCDP rules and procedures. Please help us keep the administrative and operational needs on the right track so our season runs smoothly for all. Just do the right thing!

EXAMPLES AND REMINDERS – Ways to Stay on Track . . .

Membership – Returning Members

Email Address: If you need to change your email address, please contact Joan before you do anything! Changing it in the renewal application will not change it – and will create further issues.

Vaccines: Current Bordetella and Rabies are required. Please make sure you attach current info.

FOBs & Dog Tags: After renewal, your FOB from last season will be activated. Your FOB will not work until you have completed your new season registration. You still need to wait for your tags. Tags are required. Only dogs that have tags are known by us to have been proof of current vaccinations.

Maintenance Schedule
Dog Park Hours

Closed: All FOBs are de-activated during closed periods

    • Tuesday from 8:00am to Noon
    • After periods of heavy rain
    • Other safety or maintenance issues

Open: 6:00 am to 10:00 pm – Every day during our designated season parameters – unless Willmore Park is closed or other City requirements

* If you are uncertain about temporary open/closed periods – check the SWCDP Hotline: 314/567-2012 Ext 2

Safety, Accountability, & Trespassers
No Tag – No Admittance – No Exceptions
Not Just a Slogan, It is the Law

FOB issue from July 3 has been resolved. All valid FOBs are working. If you encounter a problem – contact us immediately.

Dog Tags:

Each legitimate SWCDP dog member must wear current season dog tag. Do not come to the dog park without the appropriate tag. It is not fair to dump the burden of vigilance on your fellow-members. Do the right thing for the safety of all our 4-Leggeds.

De-Activated FOBs:

Several reasons SWCDP may de-activate a FOB – behavioral or health issues related to 2 Leggeds or 4 Leggeds – incomplete membership processing or non-payment – a variety of other issues. Never – ever – let anyone into our dog park with your FOB….your action will compromise our security procedures and could jeopardize your own membership status.


SWCDP has a long history of general public accessing our dog park without proper vetting and membership approval. This is a safety and security issue that we take very seriously. We have worked hard to develop procedures to reduce these incidents but we require that all members help us monitor the dog park. Make sure the dogs interacting with your dogs have the current season SWCDP tag. If they do not, calmly and courteously, ask them to leave or escort them to the gate with instructions on how to become a member. If you are apprehensive about doing this alone, ask other members to join in the conversation, and approach as a group.

Park Ranger Assistance:

If you have a problem that cannot be resolved amongst the members on site at the time – contact the Park Rangers – call 314-289-5350 (keep this number in your cell phone)

Bags and Bees and Birds:

Every year, same issue – bees, wasps, hornets. They like to build hives at our dog park and will seek out any nook or cranny they can find. Be Vigilant! In particular, wasps like to nest in the bag holders — so please be watchful before you pull out a bag for poop disposal.

Ask other members for help if you are apprehensive – there is Hornet Spray in the Bag Bin in Entry Area and in the Vertical Bin in Storage Area in Main. Use as needed. We do not have a volunteer specifically in charge of this – all members need to pitch in to maintain issue.

Often birds will build nests in bag holders – there is one in Alternate right now. Please do not disturb the nests – just use a different bag holder.

Canine Heat Exhaustion / Heat Stroke: Please do not come to dog park during extremely hot/humid weather. When you are on the playground – keep your dog well hydrated. Even slight dehydration can quickly lead to a heat stroke which is considered a life threatening emergency. Check out this article for additional information. Patrick Tate, DVM – Webster Groves Animal Hospital

Food / Treats / Smoking:

Absolutely no human food or dog treats allowed. Some canine members are resource (food, etc) aggressive and some have health/nutritional issues. The dog park is no place for food. And, no smoking or drinking alcohol on the grounds, either.


You must keep dog leash with you at all times. Be prepared to quickly separate dogs if a dog scuffle –put leash on your dog and turn dog in opposite direction of other dog (s). Calm your dog down – assess the situation.

Go Home

If your dog is in a dog fight – go home, regardless of who started the ruckus. When dogs are whipped up into a frenzy – they are prone towards another negative interaction. Change the dynamics – be safe and smart rather than risk someone getting hurt.

Moving thru Gangway:

Please follow all SWCDP Covid-19 guidelines. We know the social distancing is a challenge when going through the Gangway to Main. Just do the best you can. Please – keep your dog moving but do not put a leash on your dog while in the Gangway area. Mixing leashed & unleashed dogs in such a small space creates a high probability of dog aggression based on fear – they cannot move freely and “be a dog” due to the physical restriction. Just move quickly – and when taking turns, always give the departing dogs top priority – as their departure will create more free space for the arriving dogs.

See ya ‘round the playground.