The pool in Alternate Dog Park was removed on 07/15/20. The pool will return if / when the turf damage caused by reckless use of the pool is repaired. Please do not bring any replacement pools into Alternate during the pool closure period – as such pool (s) will be removed and discarded immediately.

Also, do not use the long hose for spraying your dog for cool down reasons…as this will further delay the turf repair and return of the pool. You may use the short hose located at Water Station 4 only for filling drinking buckets and bowls. If you need to cool down your dog via water – take your dog to Water Station 5 (The Dog Wash) for this purpose. Do not remove any hoses from the Dog Wash area. All water spraying must stay within the confines of the enclosed area of the Dog Wash.

Defining the Problem

We fully realize that many of our water loving users of the Alternate play area will be very unhappy about this turn of events. The fact is, those of us with the responsibility for managing the dog park are extremely disappointed in those members who have demonstrated a total disregard for appropriate water and pool use. We have gone to extraordinary lengths to educate our members on this topic. Year after year – we explain protocol to our members and finally installed two signs in 2016. And, we still have to send repeated emails to further remind and educate the user. We are really tired of the “oh, I didn’t know” response.

Why is this happening? We ask this question constantly. Perhaps, members are just lazy – they do not want to exert the energy and effort it takes to move the pool 15-20 feet before refilling it. Perhaps, members think the protocol is not important or apply to them – they do not have to follow the rules. Perhaps, members just cannot comprehend the fact that if one repeatedly dumps water in the same place on the turf – that the area will become saturated and muddy. We honestly thought this was simply common sense – and obvious!

Photo Taken 07/15/20


We opened the season on July 3 – after a lot of work and expense to renovate our turf. In less than two weeks – some members have destroyed turf in Alternate running from the lamp post to the tree. We regret that all of our members who do the right thing will have to endure their 4-Legged’s loss of pool enjoyment because of other member’s total disregard for appropriate pool and hose use. It is not fair that our 4-Leggeds whose humans are following water protocol have their beloved pool taken from them because of the bad behavior of other humans.



Action is required to remedy this situation.


How You Can Help
Signs Installed 2016
  • Members will be more vigilant and address the pool and water misuse directly with those making the mess. Whether you personally use the pools/hoses or not – please help us monitor the pools and hoses. In that way, we can ALL protect our turf and keep the pools in use for our water loving 4-Leggeds enjoyment.
  • Move the pool every time before refilling it. Take pool 15-20 feet away from previous location to give that area time to dry out.
  • Use the grassiest areas for pool placement.
  • Please do not place pool on patio, near trees, tables, benches. We do not want water in these high foot/paw traffic areas.
  • Don’t fill the pool to the brim – excessive water – when dogs get into an overfilled pool the water just overflows to the turf for no reason.
  • Be sure to turn off the hose after each use.
  • Do not use the hose for spraying or playing with your dog. Go to the Dog Wash if you want to spray down your dog.
  • If you see someone breaking protocol – educate them as to appropriate pool protocol.
Water Station 3 – Pool Pad on Main Playground

Opposite rules apply at pool area in Main. In this area – pools must stay on the pool pad – do not place pools on the edge of area or on the grass. We have a limited waste water capacity here – under pool pad is a combination of gravel and corrugated plastic pipes to minimally assist in drainage. In past seasons, we have had to shut down the pool pad due to extremely muddy conditions due to members excessive dumping of the pools and / or reckless hose usage. Use water wisely so that we can keep the pool pad open.

Please, members….help us keep our dog park in tip top shape. We cannot do this without your help. Will you help us?

See ya ‘round the playground.