Still no updates

We are reaching out because we need a few helpers . . .


Saturday, June 6 – 9:30 to Noon

Currently we need at least 6-8 people to help with our multiple garden areas – they are wild and crazy – and desperately need to be weeded and cleaned up for the season. If time permits, we may do a few other small tasks.

Covid-19 Protocol / Safety

Due to assigned work areas – everyone should be able to keep a safe distance from each other as we follow the social distancing protocol. We suggest bringing your mask and then use individual judgment as you work – there will be times when you should be able to safely work without a mask – but have it handy to use as needed. We know our members will do the responsible thing.

Willmore Park Entry:

The park is still officially closed – Judi has a key to the main lock. If you are on this organized work crew (please email Judi to sign up) – you will be able to drive your car thru Willmore main entrance between 9:00-9:20am. We will unlock the gate and monitor entries for twenty minutes. Late arrivals can park on Jamieson and walk in.


  • SWCDP will supply bottled water and paper yard waste bags (all trash should be left at curb for City pick up).
  • Bring your own gardening tools and stool or other items you think you might need.

Task at hand: Each volunteer will be assigned a specific garden area (you can choose your spot, as available, fcfs) so that each person will have their own space. We have six garden areas – some areas are already done – some areas can be handled by one person – some areas may need 2 people but are spread out enough that the volunteers should be able to coordinate the tasks and still keep a good 6-10 feet apart.

Additional time to do the work: Once you are assigned your work area – you can either do the work on Saturday with the work crew or come back at your leisure (park on Jamieson and walk in) any time over the weekend. We have strong interest in having this project completed no later than Monday 8am.

No Dogs on Saturday! For the best use of our volunteer time – it is important to have no distractions while also addressing safety concerns and space issues (member dogs will not have access to dog park) – we request that you keep your dog (s) at home during this volunteer task. Let’s stay focused as a team so we can get the work done quickly. In. Out. Done.

Please note: This request is not for the main work crew clean-up project that we do each year. We will send a separate email for that crew shortly before our season opening.


Judi has an on-site meeting with St Louis City Parks Forestry Department Commissioner early next week. We will be evaluating health of the cottonwood trees and arranging for tree trim, etc. Since this will be his first visit to our dog park – we want our grounds and gardens to look sharp. So our gardening work on Saturday is very timely as well as necessary.

We did the first weed and feed application this week. We do not expect a huge change with only one application given how thick the weeds are currently. But, it is a start.

Prior to the weed/feed application, we took 10 soil samples and will be taking soil sample to MU Extension in a day or for soil analysis. This report will be our base line, our starting point, prior to the beginning of our new turf program – which includes building up the nutrients in the soil.