Willmore Park is now open.

Southwest City Dog Park 2020-2021 season opens JULY 3. Regular hours: 6:00am to 10:00pm.
We promised July 1. We were ready July 1. We were excited about July 1.
Mother Nature strongly disagreed – and always – she has the last word. Due to extraordinary amount of rain – the dog park is too wet for dog play or heavy foot traffic – some areas have pools of water because the turf is so saturated. We need to let this storm pattern move through and give turf time to dry out.

We will open on Friday – but please use good judgment, if turf is still wet, delay coming or cut your visit short. None of us want the newly developed turf to be torn up Day One.

We thank all our SWCDP members for your support and understanding during these challenging times. Not enough words to express the level of joy our members feel about our new season opening – so we will simply say a collective “Yeah!”


Please read this entire blog
Be sure to share this info
with everyone in your household who
will be coming to the dog park

Easier to follow the rules when you
understand why you are required to do so


Dog Park Opening Info

With Willmore Park closed until recently, we were required to add extra days to our already scheduled turf renovation closing. While closed, we monitored the ever changing pandemic situation and designed a Covid-19 Safety Plan that aligned with St Louis City and Health Dept guidelines. And with the extra time – we turned lemons into lemonade! Our turf, albeit still with lots of weeds, is stronger than ever. We cleaned up the grounds including scrubbing furniture, trash cans, buckets, vertical storage units plus significant gardening work. We also improved other on-site elements as well as several facets on the operational side – including a lot of behind the scenes stuff most members never see. Much of this work is ongoing.
Please join us in thanking all of our wonderful volunteers who pitched in to make our 14th season happen.  We hope each of you will remember that SWCDP has no paid staff or City administration help – every SWCDP action is a direct result of member’s volunteering time and talent to keep Southwest City Dog Park in tip top shape. Please consider how you can help out this season. We are in need of a larger volunteer base.
If you have not recently reviewed SWCDP User Guide – please do so before coming to the dog park.
Today’s Quick Reminders:

  • Tuesday – Dog Park closed 8:00 am to Noon for grass cutting and dp maintenance. FOBs are de-activated during this time period. Due to weather, occasionally crew will come on alternate day. If that happens – contractor has right of way – members must leave or leash dogs so contractor can open service gate, get in/out quickly with no canine distractions.
  • Leashes – Every member MUST keep dog leashes with them. Don’t leave in Entry Area – if there is a dog fight or other safety issue – you must be ready to leash your dog and move away from the problem immediately.
  • Pick Up Poop – Pick it up, place in gray or tan trash cans. If you see dog pooping, calmly let the owner know so they can pick up – if you see unaccounted for poop, please pick it up. Blue cans are for recyclable items only, no poop or plastic bags.
  • Redirect Energy – Keep an eye on your dog, always. If you see tensions escalating or multiple dogs are in a pile up – you, the human, must divert your dog’s attention to reduce the chances of a dog scuffle or injury. Go to another section of dog park, go outside for a time out, etc. Engage your dog in a new activity.
  • Main Pool Pad (Water Station 3) – Remember there is no waste water system and too much water from dumping pools or running hose will create massive mud and force us to temporarily close the pool pad. Be frugal with water. Refill pools when they get dirty – please don’t dump them constantly.
  • AlternateDoggie Pool placement must be moved each time it is refilled – do not dump water in same place repeatedly or you will destroy the turf and forfeit pool privileges – do not make muddy

See ya ‘round the playground.