Southwest City Dog Park is moving forward with all renovation, upgrades, and planning for future projects as we were before the Covid-19 outbreak. We reserve the right to make dog park decisions based on how, if at all, the coronavirus pandemic affects our projects and the well-being of our members. This could mean delays in time lines or goals – please watch for the ongoing member emails so that you may stay current with your dog park news.

Dog Park Updates


April 1 – Hilltop Landscape hauled away the old straw, excavated – deep tilling throughout the dog park – lime, seed, starter fertilizer, and top straw. Huge project – 3 trucks plus various equipment, 6+ crew, and 9.50 hours work.



April 2 – TE Electronics updated the software for our access control system.

NOTE: Willmore Park is closed. The Parks Department issued a key to SWCDP for the entrance

e gate lock so that we may access the dog park for ongoing maintenance and renovation during the closed period. We may need a few helpers during April and May to do various tasks, either work independently or in small groups of 2-3 people.

SWCDP Future

We fully realize that most of us are intently focused on the daily Covid-19 happenings – and aside from missing the dog park probably not much thinking about short and long term improvement projects for Southwest City Dog Park. Some may think it odd to even be thinking in such terms right now.

We get it – some days, us too. But, we also believe for the long-term good of SWCDP and its members – we must stay focused on our Five Year Plan, which has been under discussion for quite some time. And, frankly, it may take longer than five years to get it all done – so we need to keep moving forward. As it stands now, even with good fortune and no setbacks, 2020-2021 season will be dedicated to further research, planning and groundwork for fundraising, etc. A few items are already in the works or in the “Next Up” category. We would really love to push hard – and get the permanent Climbing Maze within the next year or so.

The Importance of a Five Year Plan

We are long past the point of making upgrades or additions as we think of them. We can no longer make permanent installations of any kind – until we have a long term plan. Every improvement must have its place in the “big picture” – even if the big picture takes many years to complete. Everything must fit together and make sense. First, for function and safety; Second, for aesthetics and comfort. We have limited space, limited resources, and a robust membership. We must use space wisely and make smart decisions.

And the planning is multi-faceted and somewhat complicated. We need to engage our members and pull ideas together. This email is the beginning – to get everyone thinking. SWCDP will issue a member survey towards summer’s end to collect ideas and have members weigh in on the items in the Five Year Plan Draft.

Once a reasonable draft plan is completed, we must present to St Louis City Parks for general discussion – benefit from their park management experience and contacts, etc. And once we hone in on our initial projects, there may be varying City committees or entities that must review and approve, permits to obtain….especially regarding any permanent installation, e.g., pavilion, maintenance building, water park and maybe even our climbing maze.

We will need to research the marketplace extensively – both for best products and building techniques – and determine what can be done by our volunteer crews vs. what must be done by outside contractors. Once we have a rough cost factor – we have to put together a fundraising campaign.

Turf management and general maintenance, repair, and event activities can be funded through our membership dues – but, as you will see from the Wish List – many are major projects, capital improvements which will take additional funding. Our last fundraising effort was in 2012-2013 to finance our Dog Wash…which was made affordable due to the amazing volunteer crew who did a large part of the construction and our generous members who donated the additional funds; we did not have to go outside our membership base for this $6,000 project.

Please keep in mind that many of our maintenance and sustainability issues must take priority over the fun stuff. The Draft 1 Plan is Wish List status, pending further project evaluation and member input.

So, kick back and read the following. Enjoy the positive feelings that come with thinking good things, having hope for the future and imagining what our dog park might be like several years down the road, once we begin this improvement journey together. Let’s spend the next 3-4 months dreaming and brainstorming functional and creative ideas. And, be thinking about where we might find some outside supporters to help us finance some of these big projects!







Coming within next several days!

Turf Management Program, to include new season calendar – including major changes. Please read it carefully before you complete your membership renewal registration.


SWCDP Membership Renewals

Membership renewals will begin soon. Watch for email with renewal instructions, to be sent in mid-April.


SWCDP General Membership Meeting (GMM) was scheduled for May 19. Due to Covid-19, we are in process of making new plans. Future emails will update you on what to expect. The GMM report will include the latest version of our Five Year Plan, new season calendar and updates, financial status, project updates, and more.

We normally hand out FOBs and season Dog Tags at the GMM – alternative plans under consideration at this time. Watch for emails with instructions.

Safety Update

We strongly recommend that SWCDP members follow the social distancing protocol and stay-at-home orders.

There is an abundance of Covid-19 info circulating, some with contradicting or confusing advice. We shared a video in the last email regarding implementing sterile techniques in washing produce, etc. Since then, you may have seen on the news advice about not using soap to wash fruits and veggies.

Sprocket Says
“Science Good”


One of our members, Rebecca – Sprocket’s human – sent us a link to a science-based article about this subject. We also include a link to an FDA article with similar advice. As with everything – we suggest you read-research and make your own conclusions. Covid-19 aside – many filthy hands have touched your produce – so you probably should wash it anyway – just ditch the soap.

Hey Gardeners

We have a few more left – contact us right away if interested.

The dog park has some extra steel wiring (on a roll) – and Bob is making tomato cages for some of our members, gratis. Very sturdy, excellent support for heavy tomatoes or other hearty plants. Diameter: 24 inches; Height: approx 4.50-5.00 feet (stake into ground for extra support).  Custom cuts possible if you have a different need. Just ask. $8 per cage payable to Southwest City Dog Park. Depending on where you live, we might be able to drop them to your front door or backyard…with social distancing, of course. First come, first serve.

Order today while supply lasts

Volunteer Help / Special Projects

We seek volunteers to take our notes and ideas and using appropriate software – make a visual design. Folks with engineering, architectural, construction software, etc (or others with similar skills sets and software capabilities). First two projects: 1) build out 2-3 versions of a Climbing Maze design from our collected ideas 2) build out 2-3 versions of a master layout for the overall park (placement of amenities, fence tweaks, etc on our Wish List).

Dog Friendly Venues

Our new website will launch soon – we are updating info at this time. The “Resources” feature will list places in which our 4-Leggeds are welcome. If you are aware of any Dog Friendly Venues, such as restaurants, bars, special canine events, or even dog-friendly cabins, hotels in the region, especially ones close to parks or other popular outdoor activities. Please send us the info (website, details as you know them). We will include on the Resource or Events Page with appropriate links.

We fully support the safety precautions regarding Covid-19 – and realize no one is going to restaurants or social gatherings right now. We are simply getting our website updated – so the information will be available for our members when life gets back to normal.

FOBs – You Know What To Do!

Whether you have decided to return for the 2020-2021 season or not – hold on to your FOB – until you are absolutely certain. A $25 fee will be charged for any replacement FOBs. The FOB assigned to your household last season is intended to be your FOB for ongoing seasons.

Decide about renewing your membership (and we hope you do) – after you review all the coming changes, especially the news about our Turf Management Program and season calendar changes.

Coming within next several days!

Turf Management Program, to include new season calendar – including major changes. Please read it carefully before you complete your membership renewal registration.