Safety Alert



One of SWCDP 4-Legged members is currently under Vet care for dry cough and drippy eyes/nose. The member household will not return to the dog park until Vet says it’s ok to resume social activities; is currently taking antibiotics, no other symptoms have developed and full recovery expected.


We ask SWCDP members to keep a close watch on their dogs – and if you see similar signs – PLEASE refrain from coming to the dog park and take your pooch to the Vet for further evaluation. Also, send us an email with your findings so we can stay abreast of what is happening, if anything.

There is a variety of contagious diseases that pop up at dog-centric venues, such as dog parks, kennels, etc. Not something that should be self-diagnosed; treatable with antibiotics.

Keep those water buckets refilled with FRESH water and wash them out thoroughly in between. There are cleaning detergent, rags and sponges in the tall storage unit in the fenced area next to Water Stations 1 and 2 (River DesPeres side).

Season Wrap Up

2019-2020 Season will be winding down very soon – we will send another email with final dates for closing and for Clean Up Crew needs. Keep an eye on your email . . .

Watching long-term weather forecast, as Mother Nature dictates most decisions. Although we publish close date as March 31 and opening date as June 1 — we reserve the right for 5-10 day “wiggle room”. We are refining our 2020-2021 turf plan and more – will send specifics as they are available.


Remember – hang on to your FOB (s). The FOB you are currently using is YOUR FOB for the length of your membership. If you lose it, there is a $25 replacement fee. Either keep it on your key chain or put with your important papers.

2020-2021 Season Membership

Registration for renewal memberships will be available mid-late April and new membership registrations will be available first week in May. Directions for registration will be sent to you via email.

GMM – May 19

SWCDP General Membership Meeting – annual event held at Buder Elementary School Cafeteria. Details forthcoming closer to meeting but mark your calendars now.
Updates regarding dog park upgrades, projects, budget and funding needs, operational breakdown, and more…. You will be asked to pick up your dog tags for the new season on this date. Watch for details in an early May email.


Our WLOV event on March 3 was a huge success – fantastic turnout, great synergy. Thanks to all who have volunteered this year. We asked WLOV participants to brainstorm dog park improvement ideas by writing on a 4’x 8′ chalkboard.

We will be combining the new ideas (thanks, folks) with what we already have in our Five Year Plan — which is very much still under development.

SWCDP Five Year Plan

The brainstorming chalkboard will be available again on May 19 at GMM for all members to add their ideas. And once the new season begins – we may opt to conduct a final survey for ideas with membership at-large as well. Lots more on this to come.