More Dog Park Updates and Reminders . . .

End of Season – Sunday

SWCDP 2019-2020 Season will end on March 22
Dog Park will close at 10:00pm on Sunday
Tentative SWCDP 2020-2021 Season Opening is June 1

Lost & Found

This is your last chance to retrieve personal items lost at the dog park. Look closely at the above photo – if you see one of your items – please pick it up before 10pm on Sunday. We do not hold items from season to season – so these things will be thrown away next week.

If you know of a member who mentioned losing something – please reach out to them – remind them to look at the photo and claim what is theirs. Eyeglasses, sunglasses, keys, dog tags, collars and more.

NOTE: One of our members lost a beloved earring a week or two ago — so as you hang out on the playground for these last few days — keep a look out. We realize with all the straw it will be hard to see it (if it is even at the dog park, we don’t know for sure). The earrings were purchased a while back while in Italy so they cannot be replaced. Thanks for looking!

Keep Your FOB

Reminding everyone – keep your FOB. Even if you are not yet certain if you will be returning – hang on to it until you make a final decision about renewal (you may want to read all the upcoming news over the next 2-3 months before deciding).

A replacement fee of $25 will be required for any returning members who have lost their FOB – so hold it close to your important things.

2019-2020 Season SWCDP Dog Tag

We do recycle old dog tags – so if you make one last trip to the dog park this weekend – feel free to drop the season dog tag in the black mail box in the entry area. We will collect them and add to our recycle process. If you are not around to do this – you can still hang on to the old season tag and drop it in the box when we re-open for the new season. Our tag recycling is an ongoing project.

Sunday Helpers

We need members to assist in moving dog park furniture on Sunday around 3:00pm We need to ready the grounds for the contractor’s work starting next week. Bob and Mike will also be taking down the winter shelter – and they likely could use one more helper.

If we use a truck on the grounds to assist in moving items – and your dog is on the Main at the time — we ask that you either leash your dog or better yet – go into Alternate while to truck is moving. We never want dogs running lose while a vehicle is moving on the grounds.

Dog Park News – Future Communications

We have a tremendous amount of activity in the works right now – and are preparing a series of emails to keep our members informed. News about next season membership registrations, turf program, General Membership (GMM) update, Five Year Plan (ideas galore!) and much, much more….in the works.

Please keep a close eye on your email inbox so you do not miss out on important news about your dog park.


We are closely watching all the developments, as is everyone. We will keep you posted, and make dog park decisions as conditions change, and hopefully, improve. At this point, we are moving forward with our planned 2020-2021 Season Opening on June 1. If for safety reasons we are required to make adjustments – we will do so as needed.

Everyone, please stay safe. Smart choices are required. Caution is the rule of the day!