Things to note before submitting a report


  • Incident Reports are related to injuries, dog or human.
    – Serious dog fight, no Vet bills
    – Serious dog fight, Vet bills
    – Serious dog fight, human injuries
    – Other dog injuries
    – Other human injuries
  • Think, cool down, before submitting.
  • Each report requires evaluation – and time – from volunteer members on Safety
    & Incident Committee.(SAIC)
  • Anonymous reports will be discarded.

Safety & Incidents FAQs

What is the outcome of the report?

Every report is logged in and permanently kept in the SAIC records. Each case is assigned a number. For instance, the first case for the 2016-2017 season was assigned 1617001. An acknowledgment of the report is sent. Cases are systematically reviewed. If an injury or serious safety issue is involved, SAIC may hold discussions via email to expedite. All others will be processed in the order of receipt at the next SAIC meeting, or as soon as possible, as the situation warrants.

Case evaluation will include consulting with all involved parties and recommending guidance, tips, outside help, temporary or permanent suspension of membership, or other, depending on the situation.

How to submit a complaint

You can submit your complaint electronically by completing the form below or you can fill out the hard copy and drop it in the SWCDP mailbox located in the entry area.  To obtain a hard copy please download and print the Incident Form.

Complete Online Safety/Incident Form

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