New Year’s Eve can be a dangerous time for our pets
Below are a few safety tips to ensure our pets stay safe, while we are ringing in the New Year


    1. Keep your pets’ microchips and vaccination tags up-to-date. Make sure your pet has identification on in case he sneaks our and runs away
    2. Keep your pets inside as much as possible! When you have to let them out go out with them.
    3. Protect your pet from the sounds of fireworks and other loud noises. The noises can cause fear and anxiety. In the case of fireworks, physical damage can occur if your pet gets hits by one and eats one of them.
    4. Find a quiet safe place for you pet. Put them in a dark quite room. If crate trained put a blanket over the crate. You might want to put soft music on.
    5. Watch what they eat and drink. No alcohol or party snacks. Only give them their regular food.
    6. Beware of New Year’s decorations, We all know how inquisitive our pets can be. It’s amazing what pets have been known to eat.
    7. Exercise or play with your dog or cat . Lots of exercise during the day will let them release any excess energy and help them remain calm after dark.
    8. Comfort your dog or cat as needed. Pet and hold your companion, brush them if that helps.
    9. Talk to your veterinarian about giving your pet something to help him with his anxiety.

NOTE:  DO NOT attempt to dose your pet with any type of medication without first consulting with your vet.


ASPCA Poison Control Help
Animal Emergency Clinic