Our last Halloween event was in 2019. The pandemic curtailed most of our events over past 18 months. Additionally, our membership has grown and changed. A lot of our reliable volunteers are either no longer with us or unable to do the volunteer jobs from past seasons. So . . . we want to share the joys of past Fall Celebration and Halloween parties and find out what the interest level is for having an event this year.

SWCDP organized six wildly successful Halloween parties – usually held on the first Saturday in November. This gives our members a chance to buy sales costumes or plenty of time to get creative and make their own – or use what they already have. Members may also stop by our “Props Table” and create a costume to pose at our Photo Booth during the party. Or….just come and have fun with no costume. Plenty of doggie games and treats – and fun for all. Our members love this event.



To see Pictures from Previous Halloween Events – Click here

But here is the challenge . . .

We cannot pull this off unless we have a full staff of volunteers.

Once we know we have enough help – we will continue with the planning. Our members are the key to a successful event. This is not all inclusive – but to give you an idea of the volunteer needs:



Before Saturday

  • Install Photo Booth
  • Set up temp gates and fencing
  • Build small straw maze

On Saturday

  • Move supplies from “Big Box” to Alternate
  • Set up tables, pop up tents, signage
  • Decorate booths, arrange merchandise display and Photo Booth accessories
  • Prepare each booth (scatter/hide treats, load peanut butter spoons, final details for hotdogs, liver pate)
  • Set up tether ball
  • Distribute water buckets to each booth area, hose to Treat course
  • Engage humans & dogs to play games
  • Supervise booth activity, explain game/activity to visitors
  • Manage Photo Booth
  • Take photos of each booth activity, randomly; take winner of each Peanut Butter Licking contest
  • Make sure each booth stays ready for participants (re-load spoons, hotdogs, course treats, clean water, etc)
  • Assist at Main Table (Photo sign-ups, merch sales, general info and event control point, First Aid station)

On Saturday

  • Take down decorations, signs, tents & tables
  • Re-pack event supplies and merchandise
  • Move boxes to “Big Box” for storage
  • Take down temp fence & gates – move to “Big Box”

After Saturday (to be determined)

  • Take down Photo Booth, move items to “Big Box”
  • Move straw bales to Main
  • Build straw maze in Main
  • Any other remaining tasks
  • Arrange & edit photos (for costume contest & member voting); any follow up activity from computer and/or photo standpoint (Home or Office work, not on-site)

Volunteers work a minimum of one 2 hour shift. Many members work a double shift or stay all day. Volunteers must bring their dog (s) to the event either before or after their work shift because every dog must be supervised at all times. The event is six hours which gives volunteers time to also enjoy the party with their pup and their family. If volunteers have another human who can supervise the dog, all may come at the same time. Judgement call. We want everyone to have time to relax and participate in the fun.

Whatever you can do to help us with this major event is appreciated. Working the booths is not difficult and it is really fun. Some booths are more active than others, each is gated to control the doggie flow. Some games are ongoing; some games have designated start times. There is a LOT of dog and human activity – we also need a few volunteers who enjoy high activity and ever changing scenarios . . . just to help us keep everything running smoothly.

You must let us know right away so we can make plans. Please go to the sign up page:***


*** Please click here to volunteer for the Halloween Event ***


This event is good for most of our SWCDP 4-Leggeds. We always have a large turnout. Great for seeing old friends and making new friends.

Please use judgement. If you have a dog that tends to be resource aggressive (not wanting to share toys or food) – you should not bring your dog to this event. With so many games and variety of treats – this is also not the right event for dogs who get anxious in crowds or who do not like to interact with others.


We could use a few more folding tables (all sizes) and 10×10 pop up tents. If you can loan any – let us know ahead of time so we can plan accordingly. You should make arrangements for drop off with either Judi or Joan. Tables can be dropped off Thursday or Friday prior to event, any time, but tents need special arrangements as we do not want them unattended (we will put in our “Big Box” until the event).

Watch for direct emails with event updates.


We are also looking for an ongoing volunteer to manage SWCDP merchandise.
Work with supplier, Tiny Little Monster, oversee orders, on-line sales activity, monitor inventory
Contact Judi directly if you can do this for 2021 and 2022