Southwest City Dog Park Rain and Snow Days

SWCDP member FOBs are de-activated during closed periods

and re-activated during open periods

Many years ago, SWCDP launched our inclement weather dog park closing policy – however we did not use it with any frequency or consistency. Admittedly, we were a bit timid with our closing decisions. With best intentions – and desire to give our members as much time on the playground as possible – we very seldom closed after periods of wet weather – and we let the grounds “go to the dogs”!

In 2019, as we developed our turf improvement plans, we made a refreshed commitment to take a more aggressive closing approach – one that would give us better results – and one that our members could count on. The bad weather policy coincided with our new Turf Management Program and other longer term goals.

The 2020-2021 SWCDP Season  is our transitional year, including a comprehensive turf management upgrade, a new membership calendar, and additional safety policies to include but not limited to Covid-19 guidelines. SWCDP weather closings went into effect upon re-opening after our Fall turf renovation period – November 5, 2020.

We will remain open during or after a light or quick rain or snow … but we will close the dog park during and following a heavy or prolonged period. What members should take into consideration is the fact that following each period of inclement weather – we must stay closed for an effective “dry out” period as well. Our policy would be useless if we re-opened immediately.

General Guidelines: We know from our own experience as well as speaking with managers of other dog parks – none of us take these closing decisions lightly. We know temp closings impact dog park users. But, we agree that doing nothing has a negative effect on the dog park grounds – and dog park users also do not like unkept parks or sloppy turf. We strive to make the best decisions for the greater good of the dog park and dog park members usage and enjoyment of SWCDP.

SWCDP watches local weather forecasts closely – we visually watch actual weather – we have manual rain gages (4) strategically placed around (not in) our dog park, via volunteers – and we walk the grounds during the dry out period to determine when the re-opening is appropriate.

We make our decisions based on the info we have at the time. Sometimes local meteorologists call it perfectly – sometimes not so much. Conditions often change – more rain, less rain, no rain – snow that sticks, snow that doesn’t stick, icy snow, slushy snow. For this reason, members should be prepared for such changes. SWCDP may re-open quickly if we do not get predicted weather – or – we may stay closed longer than we initially announce.

In the case of rain

ALWAYS check the status before coming to the dog park after any wet weather.

If we have a light mist or rain sprinkles over a short period – we will likely not close. If we have a thunderstorm that is fast moving over a short period – we will likely not close.

Any rain that is either significant or lasts for a long period or a series of repeated periods over a 24 hour cycle – we will definitely temporarily close the dog park.

If the rain is enough to saturate the ground, it is likely we will close. The length of the dry out time will be determined by amount/length of rainfall – and sometimes other factors – sun, wind, temperature.

In the case of snow

ALWAYS check the status before coming to the dog park after any wet weather.

Regardless of the amount of snow – we will likely stay open. As long as the temperature stays below freezing – the ground should be fine for play.

We know 2-Leggeds and 4-Leggeds love to play in the snow. SWCDP intends to give our members maximum amount of time to enjoy the snow.

Closings will become necessary once the snow melts and the ground is saturated with melted snow. If the snow melts but temperatures remain below freezing – we will remain open – as long as the ground is solid.


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Conditions Requiring Dog Park Closings