Related to Permanent Maze

Miss the maze?

  • Tire
  • Tunnel obstacle over ramp
  • Dog Run underneath
  • Anything durable – high enough for dogs to climb and get down safely
  • Hideaway/cave underneath
  • Put hay bales on platform (maybe already covered – great idea)
  • Maze – anything that easy to clean
  • Use plastic for material so doesn’t rot
  • Multiple tunnels, draw bridge
  • Use recycled plastic wood as materials
  • Tunnel, ramp
  • Place in middle of Main
 *  Members also want a permanent maze in the Alternate Dog Park for small dog usage
Related to Turf and Grounds
  • Walkway for humans for when park is muddy
  • Long lasting turf solution
  • Grass grass grass
  • Turf – pet safe mulch, not so muddy
  • Close park when it rains too much – to save turf
  • Section muddy areas off to grow grass – rotate it
  • A way to keep bacteria down
  • Dirt mounds – add hill areas
  • Gravel, sand, mulch – walk way to exit – clean paws on way out
  • Sand Pit – maybe around water area or climbing area; like a litter box, absorbs moisture, easy pool cleaning
  • Privacy fence along RiverDesPeres
Alternate Dog Park
  • Pool area in small dog park, rocks, drainage
  • Shelter / pavilion in small dog park
  • New chairs & wind shelter for small dog park
  • Human water fountain
  • Cans filled with pennies, and “oars” to help with dog fights
  • Initiation / Training for new members
  • Shoe cleaners for when you step in doodoo
  • More benches, more covered seating
  • Expand the park – no one uses ball field, soccer field – Fight the City for more space. More space!
  • Water feature of some kind
  • Shade awnings
  • More green space
  • Permanent pavilion
  • Expand agility; More lighting by agility
  • Permanent shelter that is taller
  • Electrical outlets in pavilion for space heaters
  • An app that shows members who is at park (some dogs don’t play well together, don’t get along) – allow owners to choose best time to go
  • An app telling conditions daily of grounds
  • Happy hour nights
  • Seniors Night (older dogs, older people) Monthly
  • Dog Prom – dresses and tuxes
  • Dog Park Trivia Night
  • Facebook page
  • Dog wedding
  • Dog Treat Bake Sale
  • Transparency of funds
  • Game / trail camera – live video feed of park – satellite data plan

Mechanical rabbit – run across top of fence – dogs chase it