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Turf Update

We are making progress . . . Thanks to all of our members who are waiting patiently for the SWCDP Fall re-opening.  We are getting close – and should have a definite date announcement very soon. We are tentatively looking at October 28. Although SWCDP has been closed for play purposes – some of us …

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Oct 15

SWCDP Fall Sunday, September 20 Fall Closing

SWCDP Fall Closing Sunday, September 20 Fall Turf Renovation is here. SWCDP will close at 10:00pm, Sunday, September 20. Member FOBs will be de-activated until our re-opening date. Still on track for a projected 4 week closing at best and 5 weeks if we have unexpected issues to resolve (as in terrible weather!) Watch for …

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Sep 19

Turf Renovation TUESDAY Meeting and Closing Reminders

A reminder about SWCDP Turf Management Program tomorrow at 6:30pm. We hope you can join us in Alternate Dog Park. This presentation and Q&A will be helpful for anyone who Wants to learn more about dog park turf and calendar plans Wants to learn more about TruGreen, SWCDP chosen contractor Wants to pick up general …

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Sep 14

New Signage and Tuesday Volunteers & Closing Reminders

You may have noticed some new signage throughout the dog park – we think it worth mentioning a few things about each. But first, a final reminder about Tuesday. Tuesday Maintenance Extended Close Period Tuesday, 9/8/20, we have additional turf work being done and will close dog park from 8:00am on Tuesday – Re-open at …

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Sep 7

Turf News and Calendar Changes

SWCDP never stops looking for improvement opportunities. Here is first of three emails on their way to you – please read on . . . Successful Tree Removal Stump Grinding Next St Louis City Forestry successfully removed the large cottonwood tree in the Main Playground – Phase 1. We watched as they worked – the …

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Sep 3

Amenities for SW City Dog Park Members

Today we introduce new and re-launched SWCDP member amenities. Just for you! But first, how about some updated stats? Membership Statistics Stats Thru 07/31/20 Households City – 351 Non-City – 70 Total: 421 households *303 Returning households; 118 new households Dogs Dogs – 550 Given the delay for season opening and the Covid-19 issues – …

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Aug 3

Alternate Dog Park Pool Privilege Suspended

The pool in Alternate Dog Park was removed on 07/15/20. The pool will return if / when the turf damage caused by reckless use of the pool is repaired. Please do not bring any replacement pools into Alternate during the pool closure period – as such pool (s) will be removed and discarded immediately. Also, …

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Jul 16

Let’s Work Together for SWCDP Successful Season

We see lots of smiling faces and wagging tails – and we know from member comments that everyone is happy to be back on SWCDP playground. Appreciate the positive feedback and member support for our decisions and pre-season work. Some may ask, “Why do you keep talking about rules?” Whelp, because almost daily the volunteers …

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Jul 10

COVID-19 Guidelines

Everyone is expected to follow all guidelines every time they visit our dog park The SWCDP Covid-19 Safety Plan was developed using the parameters that it be realistic to the realities of life on the dog park playgrounds and be on a level playing field with other Metro area dog park guidelines. We communicated with …

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Jun 30

July 3rd Reopening

Willmore Park is now open. Southwest City Dog Park 2020-2021 season opens JULY 3. Regular hours: 6:00am to 10:00pm. We promised July 1. We were ready July 1. We were excited about July 1. Mother Nature strongly disagreed – and always – she has the last word. Due to extraordinary amount of rain – the …

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Jun 30
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